Soar “printIQ has delivered what we hoped”


Integration sees Soar fly

Fred Soar, managing director at Soar Printing, says printIQ has delivered what he had hoped and he looks forward to taking the business further into automation. He says, “It is going pretty good. It is really quick for estimating and it has a graphic user interface that lets you easily see where work is in the factory and it has great integration into the prepress software for our printing devices.

“Installation went well. It took us awhile because of our size; we had to rebuild our estimating rules and the only difficulty has been integration into our accounting software but that is to do with our accounting software vendor, not IQ.

“We chose printIQ because it is more than an estimating system. It is an integrated workflow for a print business. It integrates with Enfocus Switch to allow our customers to price orders and pre-flight orders and then place them directly into our workflow ready to go for printing.

“Another benefit is the ability to develop a catalogue of products. We are impressed with the ease in which our customers can place orders and upload files from a quote and the integration and continuing development with third party software from printing machine vendors. At Soar Printing, printIQ talks to HP Indigo, Fuji Xerox, Canon and soon, it will talk to Heidelberg devices.

“So, for us that is an ideal situation. We are quite impressed with the team at IQ and, if they seem really busy then I think that is because they are a victim of their own success. I think it is pretty cool what they are doing.

“We hear from IQ on a daily basis because we are continuing to develop things. We feel that we are only scratching the surface with the automation at the moment and we want to get more fully embedded.”