As an extension to the printIQ Core, we offer our Connect Modules, a range of optional tools that are designed to connect your business to a plethora of options. We have 4 categories in the “connect” range comprised of: API, Automate, Pre-Press, & VDP.

IQconnect - API

The IQconnect-API module is a series of comprehensive API’s that can expose many of the workflows in printIQ allowing you to produce your own custom printIQ integrations. It can extend your product offering beyond your own factory walls and into the plants of other printIQ users, connect directly with third party web applications or provide self‑contained widgets that allow you all the features of the printIQ simplified ordering process directly on your SEO website.

IQconnect - Automate

printIQ delivers the artwork and job meta data to the IQconnect-Automate module, which in turn integrates with the automation software, commencing operations such as: preflight, proofing, RIP and email workflows, with data passing back to printIQ to keep production boards updated. Communication between the systems is taken care of via APIs.

IQconnect - VDP

The IQconnect‑VDP range allows you to offer template and VDP options in addition to the standard web2print functionality within printIQ.