As an extension to the printIQ Core, we offer our Connect Modules, a range of optional tools that are designed to connect your business to a plethora of options. We have 4 categories in the “connect” range comprised of: API, Automate, Pre-Press, & VDP.

IQconnect - API

The IQconnect-API module is a series of comprehensive API’s that can expose many of the workflows in printIQ allowing you to produce your own custom printIQ integrations. It can extend your product offering beyond your own factory walls and into the plants of other printIQ users, connect directly with third party web applications or provide self‑contained widgets that allow you all the features of the printIQ simplified ordering process directly on your SEO website.

IQconnect-API — Integrate

Connects you to CRM, EDM and your customer database

Integrate is a series of fully documented and comprehensive API’s, that expose many of the workflows in printIQ. Essentially Integrate is the key to the toolkit, which combined with the provided documentation, allows you to produce your custom integration requirements. We have built API touchpoints that support both customer and pipeline updates to both Hubspot and Zoho. We generally work with an integrator who specializes in Hubspot or Zoho. It allows you the flexibility to engage an integrator who has pre-built integrations or alternatively, you can use your own resource to complete this task. Finally, some of our API’s are published in Zapier so that you can use a third‑party tool to simplify the integration. Zapier lets you connect to the web apps that you use, making it easier to automate tedious tasks.

The Benefits

  • Share business information across all your applications
  • Reduce duplication and manual data entry
  • Databases are updated in real-time
  • We work with business efficiency specialists that can help match you with the right CRM, help you get set up, and give you all the training you need.

IQconnect-API — Link

Link to other printIQ users to open up sales channels.

Link extends your product offering beyond your own factory walls and into the plants of other printIQ users. Offer signage, POS, wide format, digital, offset and ganged products from within your own website to add value to your customers and to instantly create new sales opportunities on the fly. It uses APIs to connect each instance and then the fundamentals of the Outsource Manager to generate real time pricing and an outsource quote for you to send to your customer.

The Benefits

  • Open up new sales channels and opportunities
  • Create new product offerings with minimal setup and without storing pricing data in your own system
  • Efficiently manage your outwork with automation tools that query prices, create a quote in your supplier’s system, book the job and transfer the artwork.

IQconnect-API — Punch‑Out

Seamless interaction with e-commerce sites.

Punch‑Out will enable you to extend your product offering via third‑party e‑commerce sites. You are free to develop your online shopping cart in your own unique way. However, once the checkout process has been completed the Punch‑Out module will deliver the order, complete with artwork, through to your Production Board within printIQ. Punch Out provides an automated and seamless entry point from your e‑commerce site directly into your instance of printIQ.

*Note: printIQ can send standard unformatted updates to your online e‑commerce system, if the system can accept them. However, any custom requirements would need to be scoped as a development project.

The Benefits

  • Your customers can continue to interact with the sites that they’re familiar with, whilst your employees never have to leave printIQ.
  • Seamless interactions with your e‑commerce platform

IQconnect-API — Smartsite

Take your print business online to a retail audience.

SmartSite allows you to combine printIQ with your SEO website, essentially taking your complex print business fully online and available to a retail audience. SmartSite is a self‑contained module that allows you to simply copy and paste a few lines of code on to your SEO website to create a product ordering widget. Choose to display pricing on your website or have your customer first register. The SmartSite widgets are self‑contained with built‑in API calls that allow you all the features of the printIQ simplified ordering process.

The Benefits

  • Transform your SEO website into a powerful e‑commerce solution that drives sales
  • Integrated web registration process to control access and collect important customer data
  • Simplifies the interaction between your web developer and your application developer