printIQ Segments

printIQ’s Management Workflow System is built to suit all segments of the printing industry. If you’re looking to solve your estimating turnaround problem, take your commercial print business online or take the leap into being an efficient and modern print company, printIQ is the answer. No matter which segment your print business focuses on, in today’s print market you need printIQ’s Management Workflow System (Far more than just an MIS).

A dedicated design workflow to add structure and process to your creative team. We give you all the tools you need to efficiently manage your design studio from within printIQ, as a standalone business, or as a pre‑cursor to your production workflow.

With shorter runs, faster turnarounds and tighter margins, your business needs to run efficiently with a hands-off approach. You need easy access to information for internal staff to make decisions, and customers to order & track their jobs. But most importantly, the traditional offset approach won’t cut it in a successful digital business, and that’s why printIQ has functionality specifically developed for the digital market.

From print and embellishment through to lamination, varnishing, die-cutting or hot foils, and all the substrates from paper to synthetic, you can manage all your requirements with printIQ. If you combine that with a visual die library, total imposition control, and size & shape calculators, then you can see why printIQ is the perfect choice for Flexo.

Competition is fiercer than ever before. Your customers expect their product at a great price, with fast delivery and low cost. They need visibility of their order (in real time) from start to finish of the process. Whilst demand for accurate information on stock levels and holdings is a given. With printIQ we make the process of taking an order and executing it as simple as 1-2-3.

With a visual die library, advanced imposition control, custom size and shape calculators, printIQ allows you to accurately estimate labels of all sizes. From print and embellishment through to lamination, embossing, or any inline or offline process for that matter, printIQ understands labels. Essentially, we’ve produced the perfect management tool to give you control of your business. With printIQ there’s no half measures, if we’re going to do it then we’ll do it right.

A smart and logical approach to a complex process. Create multiple packs, each with different print elements but all within a standard quote, as well as recurring jobs to manage repeating work. We provide an in-depth control centre to create production splits & efficiently manage large jobs across different machines. Along with this control comes functionality to manage the planning and audit process. We’ve given you everything you need to manage the most complicated campaigns.

If you’re looking to solve your estimating turnaround problem, take your commercial print business online or take the leap into being an efficient and modern print company, printIQ is the answer. Our goal has been to address all of the weak points of the traditional print company with the goal of building a Management Workflow System (Far more than just an MIS) that transitions your business into today’s print market.

We can produce from a roll, slit or sheet the roll first, or manufacture directly from sheets, because printIQ understands the process from end to end. We have shape calculators that estimate 3D products, and others that support the sourcing of offshore product, calculate duty, sea and road freight, as well as managing storage and financing costs. With printIQ you get your packaging jobs quoted, produced and shipped with ease.

In a business where print only makes up 30% of the sale, it’s critical that your software can extend beyond the press. printIQ is an MWS built for a manufacturing environment and therefore understands your sewing, curing, fabrication and installation processes. Add that to our wide format / textile print capabilities and you have a powerful combination.

It’s a changing market, new equipment, new methods and new materials to print on but you’re still stuck with the same old software that hasn’t moved with the industry. We’ve actively targeted wide format and textile printers so that printIQ is in a perfect position to support your business in today’s market.


With printIQ you get groundbreaking software, and a team that specialises in transitioning you from your outdated MIS to a system designed and built for future growth.

When you work with IQ you can finally start to see what future success might really look like, and rest assured that we’ll be there to help you with your leap into the future.

Contact the printIQ team to book a demo and see how printIQ’s Management Workflow System can transition your business into the future today.