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The printIQ approach is a little different to most, so it’s no surprise that we don’t treat packaging like ‘just another print product’.

Instead, we take a manufacturing approach to give you the control and flexibility to cater for 3 dimensional finished sizes, sourcing offshore product, sea and road freight, internal transfer margins, storage and financing costs.
With printIQ you get a product that understands the packaging workflow rather than a print MIS trying to move into a new segment.

Our promise

In packaging, not everything is focused on the press, in some cases, there is no printing at all. However, the process is still a mix of machinery, materials and labour, it’s just that it may not be done on a printing press. Whether you’re producing from a roll, slitting or sheeting the roll first, running roll to roll, or manufacturing directly from sheets, printIQ understands the manufacturing process end to end.

The how

The printIQ packaging functionality has been included as part of the printIQ core, to cater for all the specific needs of a packaging printer. By including the ability for finished sizes to be expressed in 3 dimensions, printIQ becomes far more than your average MIS. printIQ also supports a range of options such as calculators to deal with; duty and freight, transfer margins and financing costs. This means that all pricing is managed in a single system.

The benefits

  • Ink coverage is variable and we’re able to support this as a variable input into the manufacturing process
  • Finished sizes are expressed in 3 dimensions
  • Shape calculator that is integral to the estimating process as even 3D products start out flat
  • Dedicated pricing controls that allow you to set target pricing per unit and articulate pricing per carton
  • Advanced RFQ options to capture accurate requirements from customers and Account Managers prior to estimating complex and bespoke products
  • Granular costing controls that allow you to independently markup every aspect of the manufacturing process
  • Publish your catalogue items in our simplified ordering process yet still maintain your complex pricing models