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Solutions for packaging

The printIQ approach is a little different to most, so it’s no surprise that we don’t treat packaging like ‘just another print product’.

Built for converters, printIQ delivers the operational efficiency, visibility, and automation you need to grow your business. Whether you’re producing from a roll, slitting or sheeting the roll first, running roll-to-roll, or manufacturing directly from sheets, printIQ delivers a streamlined end-to-end manufacturing solution.

Our passion is developing innovative technology that empowers manufacturers to adapt to any change in the market and overcome their greatest obstacles.

Deliver a World-Class Customer Experience

Streamline and simplify your customer’s experience with unlimited self-serve portals for estimating, ordering, paying, managing inventory, and tracking orders through a highly intuitive interface. PrintIQ is a 100% cloud-based MIS, so the eCommerce solution is built-in instead of a bolt-on solution.

  • Create an entire online catalog, including images, with a simple upload
  • Publish your catalog items in our simplified ordering process yet still maintain your complex pricing models
  • Create customer-specific branded portals
  • Fully secured access to the customer portal
  • Artwork submission with built-in proofing
  • Real-time inventory management

Simplify, Standardize and Democratize Estimating

As long as converters and manufacturers have been in business, estimating has been a complex and time-consuming process completed only by experts. We have developed a solution that addresses this age-old problem. Our estimation tool empowers customers and staff to quickly and accurately calculate the cost of a job, saving valuable time and money.

  • Quickly and accurately prepare estimates across every press and board size combination in seconds
  • Choose between input-based pricing (Labor, machine, and materials), catalog pricing, or specific contract pricing per customer
  • Granular costing controls that allow you to independently markup every aspect of the manufacturing process
  • Use market-driven pricing for your sell price while still maintaining actual costs
  • Advanced RFQ options to capture accurate requirements from customers and Account Managers before estimating complex and bespoke products
  • Quickly calculate duty and freight, transfer margins, and financing costs
  • Shape calculator that is integral to the estimating process as even 3D products start flat
  • Finished sizes are expressed in 3 dimensions
  • Dedicated pricing controls that allow you to set target pricing per unit and articulate pricing per carton

Access Information Anytime From Anywhere

Cloud-based technology gives you the ability to run your business from anywhere, 24/7/365.

  • Access printIQ from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Create estimates, manage production, schedule jobs, and run your business from anywhere
  • Quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries
  • Gain visibility to the information you need, when you need it


Smart production is just the beginning. Built with flexibility and simplicity at the core, printIQ is created for the modern plant to grow, scale, and succeed.

The power of printIQ

“Coming this far and printIQ’s support to get us this far has been huge, and we had reservations coming into this – which is fair, but we would not be in the position we are today without their level of support and their level of care to get us to this stage. And for that, I cannot praise them enough.”

David Browne, Head of Implementation
Litho Superpak