The printIQ Core is made up of 8 modules that create a seamless, end‑to‑end estimating, ordering and production workflow encompassing everything needed for your future success in print.

IQcore - Quote Intelligence

Quote Intelligence differs from traditional estimating software in that it understands the entire production process so it will map out all possible alternatives for the job to pass through the factory . We do this by integrating all your business rules within the pricing logic engine, with all the pricing rules based on your component inputs; such as labour, machines and materials. The streamlined quoting process then adds a layer of control so that those with little or no experience can produce a detailed quote whilst ensuring that they can only quote what you can produce. The quote is then linked to the file upload, job bag and all production, inventory, and shipping details.

Everyone can quote. Remove the bottle‑neck, take away the technical jargon and get the job underway.

The Benefits

  • One streamlined pricing tool utilized throughout the business
  • Make quote turnaround your point of difference – No more delays while your estimator determines pricing.
  • Integrated Components – The quote is linked to the file upload, job bag and details, all centrally managed.

IQcore — Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway provides real time and secure payments processed online from within your business application. Payment Gateway is a secure online credit card processing module that allows you and your customers to process credit cards without the need for dedicated terminals. The module is integrated into printIQ, linking directly to your banks and accepting all the major credit cards. The secure administration interface allows you to generate reports and process refunds within your business.

The Benefits

  • Real time – Enable your customers to complete their order online and receive immediate confirmation
  • Improved cashflow – Getting paid upfront improves your cashflow whilst reducing your admin costs
  • Secure, instant & real time payments equals peace of mind

IQcore — Factory Manager

Factory Manager provides a logical and easy to use communication framework for your staff to take control of the production process. Ultimately this ensures your staff can manage the production process without reliance on any particular individual, and the administration of your factory is exponentially simplified. It starts through the automation of job processing by monitoring the Workflow Manager and all jobs passing from the quote stage into production. This creates a centralised and structured flow for jobs as they move through the process lifecycle. Each job contains full details of all the resources required to convert the raw materials into a higher value saleable product, and delivers integrated scheduling functionality to planning boards to prioritise the work on the factory floor. It also provides a real‑time screen‑based job bag that captures time via online activation.

The Benefits

  • printIQ enables the real control of your factory by providing all relevant details pertaining to each job within production.
  • printIQ delivers integrated scheduling functionality to plan and prioritise work on the factory floor
  • printIQ delivers a real‑time screen‑based job bag that controls the workflow and captures time
  • printIQ speeds up the process by removing the possibility of communication errors through staff unavailability.

IQcore — Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is integrated seamlessly with the Quote Intelligence module to deliver a feature rich extension to the estimating and job management process. The Inventory Manager allows users to classify all inventory items by supplier (or suppliers), location (or multiple locations) and type. This allows the user to easily add a raw material, assign it to a supplier and nominate its location/s within the factory. The module is fully integrated with the other core printIQ modules so that every job is inventory aware. The module also provides notification for low material warning and simplified re‑ordering for commonly used products. Inventory Manager makes purchasing, invoicing, and reconciliation a seamless and simple process. Essentially we remove the barriers and complexity, ensuring that the everyday business needs of your staff can be achieved first time, every time.

The Benefits

  • Integrated control of inventory items from within your estimating and job management system
  • An approach that is simple to use and easy to configure
  • Dedicated support for paper, all substrates, ink, manufactured and miscellaneous items.
  • Real time access to stock levels and adjustments

IQcore — Outsource Manager

Outsource Manager provides full tendering functionality within printIQ, allowing users to obtain a range of prices for all outwork in a simple co‑ordinated workflow. The module offers the ability to tender each operation, within the job, to multiple suppliers. The suppliers can enter their prices directly into their own automatically generated, printIQ supplier portal without any visibility of their competitors. Feedback from suppliers and the pricing is fed straight back to the outwork board from the integrated supplier portal. Job notification is sent to the successful supplier, along with a link back to their updated supplier portal, now containing: the artwork, purchase order and instructions for shipping. The supplier portal underpins the entire process, with your suppliers having direct access to job details, instructions and artwork.

The Benefits

  • Stay in control with automated alerts and WIP notifications
  • Transparent job tracking gives you visibility when and where you need it
  • Maximise margins and manage outwork efficiently without the need for additional internal resources

IQcore — Job Track

Job Track identifies milestones as the job travels through the quoting, production, and shipping lifecycle. This includes the tracking of the job itself and any of the underlying components, through to scheduling and delivery data. Job Track provides a plethora of information and reporting gains to the savvy user. We wrap this up in a great looking interface that provides a handy and simple communication tool that you can share with your sales staff, account managers and your customers.

The Benefits

  • Improved customer service as account managers and customers can get live updates on job progress.
  • Improve internal communications with a transparent view of the factory

IQcore — Shipping Manager

Shipping Manager comes complete with automated actions such as weight verification, multiple split delivery addresses, courier rate input, and branded box labels, so your staff can easily perform the required processes, saving both time and money. Multiple jobs can be dispatched in one process or jobs can be quarantined to wait for accompanying job components. We also provide a simple split delivery process that allows users to deliver a single job to multiple addresses. By creating the link between all the key aspects of the shipping environment and automating within a common platform – many of the traditional manual duties are erased.

The Benefits
  • Enhance your capital investment – Get the most out of your technology and reduce the reliance on manual labour.
  • Efficiency gains – Automation means at every touch point through the entire dispatch process you can save time, money and resources.