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Take a bunch, group, pack, or ream of print industry experts; add an IT company and let it simmer away, and you’ll find you’ve created the perfect recipe for the next generation of print management software.

So, if you’re looking to solve your estimating turnaround problem, take your commercial print business online or take the leap into being an efficient and modern print company, printIQ is the answer. With printIQ you get a Management Workflow System – far more than just an MIS.
Our goal has been to address all of the weak points of the traditional print company with the goal of building an MWS that transitions your business into today’s print market.

Your online solution

printIQ is a 100% web based Management Workflow System (Far more than just an MIS) so the web2print solution is built-in as opposed to a bolt-on solution. It means that everything has been developed with your customer’s access in mind.
  • Fully secured access to the customer portal
  • Customers quote all types of work themselves
  • Artwork submission
  • Online proofing
  • Credit card payment gateway
  • Job track module


We have addressed the age-old problem of estimating complex print jobs quickly and accurately. In fact, we have taken this to the point where your customers and sales staff can complete their own quotes online.
  • We estimate a job across every press and sheet size combination in seconds
  • Choose between input‑based pricing (Labour, machine and materials), catalogue pricing, or specific contract pricing per customer
  • The ability to use market driven pricing for your sell price while still maintaining actual costs
  • A toolbox full of automation options to control your impositions, control margins and automate booklet section creation with fold catalogue equivalency
  • Customers and sales staff can quote all types of work online with the confidence that they cannot order something that your factory cannot produce.


The production management tools within printIQ focus on communicating information in real time to everyone within the factory. With tailor made views of a job for each department, we’ve delivered a tool that eliminates the in-trays, the talk and the re-work.
  • printIQ in 3D separates the job from the estimate so you can freely update the production path without affecting your quote information
  • Online production boards give you the full view of the floor regardless of where you are
  • Tablet optimisation to keep you moving
  • Time capture functionality directly from the job bag using a terminal, scanner, or smartphone app