Fuzed – Workflow Efficiency


Fuzed gains workflow efficiency with printIQ

Fuzed, one of the top print service providers in New Zealand, is known for helping their clients get the results they want. They offer digital, offset, wide format, 3D digital overglossing, and lenticular printing – all in one location.

“We use the latest and most amazing technology, and it can do just about anything,” says Matt Mills, General Manager at Fuzed. “Our clients typically come to us with a concept, and we figure out how to make it work. That’s part of the challenge, it’s what we love to do, and it keeps us on our toes!”

With such a broad offering of print capabilities – and with the shorter runs and faster turnarounds of digital print – efficiency is a top priority for Fuzed, as it is with most printers today. So when it came to its management workflow system (MWS), Fuzed turned to printIQ.

printIQ specializes in IT, custom software development and business solutions for the printing industry. Its premier product is a 100% web-based management workflow system that supports pricing, production, automation, and web-to-print.

“What really drew us to printIQ is that they look at the world slightly differently,” says Matt. “They don’t necessarily think that the way it’s always been done is the correct way or should even be the ‘normal’ way. And that relates exactly to the way we operate. They welcome our input. Sometimes we make suggestions and they tell us that’s a good point and they’ll roll it out in their next release. That’s really beneficial to us – they are working with us; they’re for us.”

Matt says two other factors drove Fuzed’s decision to work with printIQ. First, printIQ has local offices in New Zealand. Second, its system is an economical choice that fit Fuzed’s budget. “We had been looking for awhile, but the other suppliers didn’t fit what we wanted. With printIQ, it’s been great synergy all around,” says Matt. With printIQ, Matt says he and his team can log in anywhere in the world, track jobs online, and manage the entire project from estimating all the way through to invoicing. That kind of efficiency allows Fuzed to focus on what they do best: printing award-winning projects, like this premiere ticket for the hit film, Guardians of the Galaxy – which was the Digital Process Winner in the New Zealand Pride In Print Awards.

I can do it all online – I don’t actually have to talk to anyone,” Matt says with a laugh. “If I’m at the Dscoop conference, for example, I can be doing quotes in the middle of the night, local New Zealand time. Any issues I find I can just log a ticket and I know printIQ has received it and will fix it or tell me what to do. If I had to wait until 9 or 10 in the morning just to log that issue, it would take that much longer to be fixed.

“I don’t know too many people in our industry who don’t have clients requesting quotes in the middle of the night,” adds Matt, “because we’re so busy during the day. This efficiency saves my time and theirs, and keeps costs down for everyone.”

Matt also likes the fact that the printIQ solution is very accommodating and flexible. “There’s not one right way to track and quote projects, so the fact that I can do it at least two different ways works for me,”

printIQ understands that one size does not fit all, and they customize their solutions to meet the varying needs of their print provider clients. They also believe in a functional approach, teaching and guiding customers through the learning experience rather than doing it all for you.

“That way you know what to do next time you’re in the same or similar situation,” says Matt. “They’re very helpful. In the end, it comes down to relationships; if you don’t have a good one, people will pick up their toys and go somewhere else. Relationships are how business is done.”