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Competition is fiercer than ever before. Your customers expect their product at a great price, with fast delivery and low cost.

They need visibility of their order (in real time) from start to finish of the process, whilst demanding accurate information on stock levels and holdings. With printIQ we make the process of taking an order and executing it, as simple as 1-2-3. With printIQ we’ve really got fulfilment covered.

Our Promise

We’ve custom designed and developed printIQ to handle the fulfilment process, from receiving, storage, and order processing, through to pick & pack, and shipping. With printIQ there’s no half measures, if we’re going to do it then we’ll do it right.

The How

The printIQ fulfilment functionality has been included as part of the printIQ core, to cater for all the specific needs of an e-commerce operation. Whether the goods are produced in your plant, or sourced off‑plant (domestically or internationally), we give you the ability to catalogue, barcode and count items directly into inventory.

With printIQ you can manage barcodes*, location/s, movement history, the owner of the goods, re‑order level, supplier codes, unit pricing, to mention but a few. Items can also be ordered and paid for online via the credit card gateway. With IQstore* you can easily upload multiple images and catalogues and make them available within printIQ or via a Smartsite widget on your SEO website. Essentially, we’ve produced the perfect inventory management tool to give you the control that you need.

*Separate module required for Barcodes and IQStore

The Benefits

  • Create multi-tiered hierarchical inventory locations to match your warehouse/s specification
  • Your storage solution can scale up as you grow, and shrink as demand cycles change
  • Your orders can be managed simply and easily from a desktop, terminal or a tablet
  • Create an entire online catalogue, including images, with a simple upload
  • Create customer‑specific branded portals