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Solutions for Signage

Whether you’re sewing, curing, fabricating, or installing, printIQ delivers a streamlined end-to-end manufacturing solution.

Built for sign manufacturers, retail point of sale suppliers, exhibition display companies, and installers, printIQ delivers the operational efficiency, visibility, and automation you need to grow your business.


Our passion is developing innovative technology that empowers manufacturers to adapt to any change in the market and overcome their greatest obstacles.

Deliver a World-Class Customer Experience

Streamline and simplify your customer’s experience with unlimited self-serve portals for estimating, ordering, paying, and tracking orders through a highly intuitive interface. PrintIQ is a 100% cloud-based MIS, so the eCommerce solution is built-in instead of a bolt-on solution.

  • Fully secured access to the customer portal
  • Customers quote simple products ranging from flags and banners right through to complex frames and marques
  • Artwork submission with built-in proofing
  • Credit card payment gateway Job track module

Optimize and Streamline Production

Achieve a paperless workflow powered by real-time data that enables your team to view production holistically and drill down to focus on their personal workflows.

  • Online production boards give you a full view of the floor regardless of where you are
  • Tablet optimization and a smartphone app will keep production moving and enable shop floor data collection
  • Digital job bag to manage the job in real-time, which in turn feeds status updates back to the production board
  • Switch production paths without affecting the quote The job track module keeps your customers and sales staff informed

Simplify, Standardize and Democratize Estimating

With a toolbox full of options to help you accurately quote all types of work, the result is an estimate that meets the specific needs of your industry. Our estimation tool empowers customers and staff to quickly and accurately calculate the cost of a print job, saving valuable time and money.

  • Quickly and accurately prepare estimates across every printer, roll size, and sheet size combination in seconds
  • Square or linear meter-based pricing on the printed or finished area of the job
  • Use the Custom Shape Calculator to quote circular jobs and other non-standard sized jobs
  • Pricing functions that build your frames, from the extrusion and bracing right down to connectors and mounting options
  • Dedicated support for your specialized equipment. From job perimeter-based pricing rules through to strip-cutting functionality right down to sewing operations
  • Margin by the quantity ordered, the value of the job, or the total square meter usage
  • Easily replicate all your current Excel-based calculators within a centralized quoting environment
  • Use market-driven pricing for your sell price while still maintaining actual costs
  • Empower customers and sales staff to quote jobs with confidence and accuracy

Automate and Increase Efficiencies

The printIQ automation tools eliminate repetitive tasks and manual re-keying of data to reduce errors and free your staff to focus on more profitable work. Automate quoting, job submission, payment, prepress, proofing, production, finishing, delivery, and fulfillment to keep pace with customer demand.

  • Customers complete quotes and orders online, right through to paying by credit card
  • Manage your proofing from within the MIS right through to annotation and acceptance/rejection by your customer
  • Automated artwork pre-flighting

Access Information Anytime From Anywhere

Cloud-based technology gives you the ability to run your business from anywhere, 24/7/365.

  • Access printIQ from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Create estimates, manage production, schedule jobs, and run your business from anywhere
  • Quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries
  • Gain visibility to the information you need, when you need it


Smart production is just the beginning. Built with flexibility and simplicity at the core, printIQ is created for the modern print shop to grow, scale, and succeed.

The power of printIQ

PrintIQ is the most adaptive print-centric tool in the market and was the only solution flexible to our needs. They have more than doubled our quoting speed, reduced our processing time, and brought our workflow up to speed. Finally, we have a solution that we can rely on now and in the future.

Matthew Elliott, Managing Director
The Cutting Edge