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You might ask yourself, “Do I look for a manufacturing ERP that might cope with print or do I go for a print MIS that can handle a little manufacturing?”

What if we told you that printIQ is built to do both.
In a business where print only makes up 30% of the sale, it’s critical that your MIS can extend beyond the press. printIQ is an MWS (Management Workflow System) built for a manufacturing environment and therefore understands your sewing, curing, fabrication and installation processes. Add to that our wide format / textile print capabilities and you have a powerful combination.


The key to the success of printIQ is the ability to understand the manufacturing processes that underpin a signage and POS business. With a toolbox full of options to help you to accurately quote all types of work, the result is an estimate that meets the specific needs of your industry.
  • Square or lineal metre based pricing on the printed or finished area of the job
  • Use the Custom Shape Calculator to quote circular jobs, cubes, lightboxes and 3D banners
  • Pricing functions that build your frames, from the extrusion and bracing right down to connectors and mounting options
  • Dedicated support for your specialised equipment. From job perimeter‑based pricing rules, through to strip‑cutting functionality right down to sewing operations
  • Margin by the quantity ordered, value of the job or by the total square metre usage
  • Easily replicate all your current Excel based calculators within a centralised quoting environment
  • The ability to use market‑driven pricing for your sell price while still maintaining actual costs

Your online solution

printIQ is a 100% web based MWS so the web2print solution is built‑in as opposed to a bolt‑on solution. This means that everything has been developed with your customer’s access in mind.
  • Fully secured access to the customer portal
  • Customers quote simple products ranging from flags and banners right through to complex frames and marques
  • Artwork submission with built‑in proofing
  • Integrate printIQ directly with your website to replace the shopping cart and eliminate re‑keying of online orders
  • Job track module