CPC Colorado Impressed by the printIQ MWS


One of the more comprehensive printIQ builds undertaken recently has been for CPC in Colorado who had recently expanded through the acquisition of a new company specializing in Wideformat and Flexo. CPC had been using their current MIS for over 25 years. With the acquisition of the new company, along with its 2 internal systems, CPC wanted to bring everything into their existing MIS system.

To do this they spent $25000 up front to have two locations, however they were still required to VPN to their original site. Mandy from CPC said “Once we started working with this amended system, we quickly learned that due to the amount of work-arounds that we needed to do to make it fit our needs, it wasn’t going to suffice”. CPC began working with their MIS company with the intention of addressing the problems and helping refine the software to more effectively suit the label market.

After receiving a rather large quote for their MIS to amend the software, CPC decided to investigate other available options. Great timing for them was the Print conference, where Mandy fortuitously crossed paths with Linda Pollard from printIQ. Linda has worked for many years in the print MIS field before she made the change to printIQ and its MWS (management workflow system). CPC demo-ed multiple different sites but found there were less than a handful of companies that dealt with all the areas that they specialized in. After running into Linda and meeting some of the IQ team CPC staff had the printIQ MWS demoed and were blown away. Mandy said “We were pleased to see the system gave us 95% of what we were looking for and some unexpected additional bonuses. Our group walked away from that conference having printIQ as our number 1 choice. However, we were certain we wouldn’t be able to afford it”.

CPC had a comprehensive list of requirements that they were looking for:

  1. Ability to encompass all areas of the business: Offset, folding cartons, direct mail, digital, digital flexo, flexo and wide format printing.
  2. Pricing of both set up costs as well as annual fees
  3. A company that didn’t treat the customers as nothing more than $$ signs
  4. Ease of use
  5. Built in accounting – I had to give here.


After more demos and discussions Linda and the team worked closely with the CPC team to get the modules they needed, and CPC realized that printIQ was well within their budget. Mandy was impressed saying “printIQ really did treat us as actual partners to make the flexo components more than we could have asked for.”

“I honestly feel like they value my input about changes in the system or different aspects that I need. They looked at the big picture of my suggestions and have added many of the things I had requested. They treated the suggestions as a win/win for both CPC and printIQ.

CPC has now been working with the printIQ MIS for over a year and loves the relationship they’ve built with the IQ team. Mandy is loving the customer service from IQ saying, “I have worked closely with multiple staff and they are all amazing. They make me feel like I am printIQ’s only customer, taking the time to work through the training and issues to help me understand the system completely. I am a control freak and they have tailored my training to ensure I have the knowledge I need.”

In addition to being impressed by the support team, CPC says they have also experienced many productivity savings with printIQ. From time savings during:- estimating, job entry and billing, to fewer questions requiring clarification from the production staff, they are very happy with their move to printIQ.

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