Additional Modules

PrintIQ is extremely scalable and will grow as your organization grows. By adding more functionality to your printIQ platform, you will find less manual intervention and more time to focus on the tasks that matter most. Additional functionality includes:

  • Job Approval
  • Storefront
  • Product Movement
  • Key Analytics
  • Automated Shipping
  • Capacity Planning
  • Data Capture
  • Job Ganging
  • Sustainability Measures


Approve provides a logical and easy to use communication framework. Proofs are initiated from the production workflow and delivered to customers through our customer portal. This creates a centralised and structured flow for documents as they move through the proof lifecycle. Customers access proofs via a simple to use web interface. Communication is delivered through comprehensive email notifications, enabling the customer to simply accept or reject the artwork along with providing feedback to assist production staff. The proof sign-off process tracks an audit trail of events, removing any questionable actions and thereby avoiding disputes on approval/rejections.
The Benefits
  • Enables control of proof turnarounds by your customers. The management of proofs by your customer ensures they take responsibility.
  • Accepted proofs move into production instantly eliminating delays caused by miscommunication or staff hindrance through unavailability.
  • Risk free proofing, the proof sign-off process tracks an audit trail of events, removing any questionable actions and thereby avoiding disputes on approval/rejections.


Store+ is the printIQ sales order module that allows you to offer a streamlined logistics operation from within your print company. Whether it’s an item that you have manufactured or a straight pick ‘n’ pack item, Store+ delivers a feature rich order process complete with a robust workflow to ensure efficient management of your warehouse. Store+ is powered by the Inventory Manager which drives the management of your warehouse. We then use the printIQ workflows to manage stock picks, dispatch and invoicing. Store+ also includes bulk item and image uploads for simplified product creation.
The Benefits
  • The single process to manage both print and pick ‘n’ pack jobs within printIQ.
  • Fully integrated with the inventory system for easy management
  • Comes with web widgets to add items directly to an SEO website


Whether your labels inventory is large or small, a simple issue with the stock may eclipse normal operations and while
you divert time and resources to tracing a product, supplier relations, customer satisfaction, and brand perception may be
rapidly eroding in the background.

That’s where LotTrack, the new module from the printIQ team, comes in giving you the granular control and visibility you need to confidently track and account for product movement with ease.
The Benefits
  • Granular control and visibility for product movement with ease.
  • Receiving stock and recording it at a lot-level.
  • Receive and record lot specific details against stocks on receipt in single or multiple lots


Business intelligence and reporting via secure dashboards.

Analytics provides business intelligence displayed on a series of printIQ dashboards with individual tiles displaying the key information. End users securely interact with analytics through a rich, 100% web-based interface, on any device anytime, anywhere. Users can get real-time access to reports and dashboards through any browser.

A report writing function is included with the Analytics module and advanced users can also purchase training so that they can create their own reports, dashboards and data visualisations inside the applications they use every day.

The Benefits

  • Information is accessible in a web-based interface
  • Trained users can write their own reports
  • Reports can be scheduled for delivery to key users

Automated Shipping

Access shipping quotes from providers in real time.
Automated Shipping comes in a couple of variations depending on your location. In the US we offer a courier quoting and booking process that provides direct access to both UPS and FedEx. The module polls the courier and pulls in the optimum price in real time, with the automated management tool kicking off as each item is being quoted. Upon completion of the job the automated process kicks-in a second time and books the shipping and draws down the chosen courier labels.
In Australia we offer a courier quoting and booking process that provides the same process as above, however it offers access to an array of providers via a central hub. The module polls an aggregator and pulls in the optimum price in real time. Upon completion of the job the automated process books the shipping and draws down the chosen courier labels. The other option, in Australia, is to integrate with the Open Freight System in which you have your agreed rates loaded into the system rather than polling an aggregator. We still pull in the optimum price in real time. Upon completion of the job the automated process books the shipping and draws down the chosen courier labels.

The Benefits

  • Courier rates can be automatically retrieved
  • Couriers labels can be generated directly from within printIQ
  • Couriers can be booked directly from within printIQ
  • Deliveries can be tracked by staff or users

Capacity Planner

Drag ’n’ drop scheduling in real time.

The Capacity Planner provides a window into your business so that, at a glance, users can see how the factory is performing and isolate possible roadblocks. The Capacity Planner delivers real time information to help run the factory at an optimal level whilst allowing users to easily manage by exception. Schedulers and Planners, plan capacity with drag’n’drop functionality that’s performed in real time. The factory view provides a high-level view of the overall utilization of resources, whilst providing the ability to drill down into more granular views. The machine view allows users to drag and drop jobs into the right time-slot whilst receiving immediate feedback on scheduling conflicts to ensure you get it right first time.

The Benefits

  • Users can easily assess the utilization of the factory
  • Drag ‘n’ drop functionality simplifies the planning process
  • Automatic adjustment of time required when jobs are moved

Data Capture

Start, pause and finish job tasks via an app

Data Capture allows users to run a job through production via a smartphone, tablet app (or barcode scanner) removing the need to be tied to a computer or expensive wireless equipment. Data Capture provides the ability to start, pause and finish job tasks at an operational level. Users can start / pause / and finish job operations via the app, or scanner, which will record time against an operation and update the Job status in real time. 

App Users will also receive instant feedback if they’ve scanned the wrong barcode, whilst having the ability to correct mistakes directly from the app. It also works as an advanced dispatch management tool that kicks off as each item is being packed. The data-capture module provides the ability to scan each item as it is transferred into larger cartons and onto pallets, thereby creating a simple but effective quality control process that then ties seamlessly into your outwards goods workflow. The app is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and can be used on smartphones and tablets.

The Benefits

  • Users can manage their time directly from a smartphone
  • Automatically updates production board status
  • Advanced packing options to cover complex deliveries


Create ganged jobs at the click of a button.

The Gang Module allows an operator to filter jobs by a combination of: job & section status, stock & stock laminating combinations, and finishing options. The filtered set can then be adjusted to create a gang, parent, or master job. The new job can be manipulated within printIQ to suit specific sheet sizes, presses, and/or quantities. The gang job can then be created directly (at the click of a button) in printIQ. The gang job will contain all of the individual jobs and list them as ‘child’ jobs of the ganged ‘parent job. The Parent job will be viewable on the printIQ ‘All Jobs’ and ‘Production’ boards and available to be both printed and cut.

We also include the extra functionality to allow the information to be exported as a Batch in ppxml, mxml, or xml, format to your chosen imposition program (Impostrip, IMP, Metrix). The batch export will contain all of the individual jobs that will be processed by the ganging software. The ganging software can then be used to create a single, or multiple gang jobs and return those to printIQ. The import from the imposition program will create a gang job, or jobs, directly in printIQ.

The Benefits

  • Information will be accessible in a 3D view – ie: Estimated vs Planned vs Actual
  • Gang jobs are created directly in printIQ – at the click of a button.
  • The gang job details in printIQ will give the operator all the necessary details to impose the individual jobs in the imposition program of choice.

IQfurther — Campaigns

The future of campaign management.

The Campaign module adds a level of sophistication to campaign management that will exponentially simplify this difficult and time-consuming process. Start with a (customizable) multi-delivery spreadsheet upload and an automatically generated picking list (with verified quantities and thumbnail images!) and the process is already becoming easier.

However, when you add the scan-in scan-out location/s (all recorded against each item) and the visual pack-out screens, plus the ability to have a job being produced, packed and delivered simultaneously you start to see the future of campaign management, and it makes perfect sense!

The Benefits

  • TBA

Carbon Connect

Dynamic carbon footprint data

As the industry becomes more aware of the carbon impact that it makes on our world it will start to adapt and change. To make any change you need to know where you are actually starting from with solid information and technical data. printIQ has already stepped up to the mark with ‘Carbon Connect’ which a bi-directional feature that works in conjunction with a company called CarbonQuota. printIQ allows you to very quickly assess the footprint of any job to be produced at the quote stage. It provides you with data that you can make firm decisions on and adjust accordingly.

Being able to reflect these figures puts you ahead of your competition when it comes to winning contracts with large brands and shows the responsibility that you take as a company to tackle this environmental issue.

The Benefits

  • Carbon footprint data at your fingertips
  • Early production cycle information 
  • Automated footprint calculation at quote stage
  • Official certification from @CarbonQuota