Taking it Further

Taking it Further

Taking it Further

We can also include options to help you get key business intelligence and data analytics, link into an automated freight quoting and booking process, easily manage the capacity of your factory, run jobs via a smartphone app, enter the lucrative ganging market, or create a streamlined logistics operation from within your print plant.


Metrics matter now more than ever. With IQ Analytics, business and technical users solve problems more quickly by viewing data turned into intelligence that they can easily understand. Business intelligence and analytics are displayed on a series of printIQ dashboards, from various departments within the business, giving users access to all the pertinent business information. End users securely interact with analytics through a rich, 100% web-based interface, on any device anytime, anywhere. Users can get real-time access to reports and dashboards through any browser.


The Benefits

  • Easy access to pertinent data
  • Key analytics displayed based on user rights
  • Allows companies to get a live snapshot of their business


Automated-Freight Aggregator

This module poles the freight provider and pulls in the optimum price in real time. Essentially the automated management tool kicks off as each item is being quoted. A price is pulled into the quote which is held within the printIQ database. Upon completion of the job the automated process kicks-in a second time and books the freight confirming the initial price.


The Benefits

  • We deliver a logical and automated workflow within your quoting, and dispatch functions.
  • IQautomated-freight seeks to reduce costs through automation
  • Minimise workload through fewer touch-points and
  • Improve customer satisfaction by getting it right the first time

Automated-Freight Direct

This module is an automated freight booking process that poles your chosen freight provider, books the shipping and pulls the courier labels directly from the providers system into printIQ. It delivers a logical and automated workflow within your shipping process to reduce costs through automation and minimise workload through fewer touchpoints.


The Benefits

  • Minimise workload through fewer touch-points
  • Improves customer satisfaction by getting it right the first time


The IQcapacity-planner delivers real time information to help run the factory at an optimal level whilst allowing users to easily manage by exception. Schedulers and planners, plan capacity with drag’n’drop functionality that’s performed in real time. The Factory view provides a high-level view of the overall utilisation of resources while the machine view allows users to drag and drop jobs into the right time-slot whilst receiving immediate feedback on scheduling conflicts to ensure you get it right the first time.


The Benefits

  • With the IQcapacity-planner you get capacity planning done properly
  • provides a window into your business so that, at a glance, users can see how the factory is performing and isolate possible roadblocks


Through a smartphone/ tablet app IQdata-capture provides the ability to start, pause and finish job tasks at an operational level. Users can start / pause / and finish job operations via the app, or scanner, which will record time against an operation and update the Job status in real time. App Users will also receive instant feedback if they’ve scanned the wrong barcode, whilst having to ability to correct mistakes directly from the app. It also works as an advanced dispatch management tool that kicks off as each item is being packed. The app is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and can be used on smartphones and tablets.


The Benefits

  • Allows users to run a job through production via a smartphone, tablet app
  • Removes the need to be tied to a computer or expensive wireless equipment
  • creates a simple but effective quality control process


The IQgang Module allows an operator to filter jobs by a combination of: job & section status, stock & stock laminating combinations, and finishing options. The filtered set can then be adjusted to create a gang, parent, or master job. The new job can be manipulated within printIQ to suit specific sheet sizes, presses, and/or quantities. The gang job can then be created directly (at the click of a button) in printIQ. The gang job will contain all of the individual jobs and list them as ‘child’ jobs of the ganged ‘parent job. Once printing and cutting (and in some cases laminating) are complete on the Parent, the individual jobs will be released and the costs will be apportioned back to the individual jobs.


The Benefits

  • Information will be accessible in a 3d view – ie: Estimated vs Planned vs Actual
  • Gang jobs are created directly in printIQ – at the click of a button.
  • The gang job details in printIQ will give the operator all the necessary details to impose the individual jobs in the imposition program of choice.


IQstore-plus is the printIQ sales order module that allows you to offer a logistics operation from within your print company. Whether it’s an item that you have manufactured or a straight pick and pack item, IQstore-plus delivers a feature rich order process complete with a robust workflow to ensure efficient management of your warehouse. IQstore-plus is powered by the Inventory Manager module which drives the management of your warehouse. We then use the printIQ workflows to manage stock picks, dispatch and invoicing. IQstore-plus also includes bulk item and image uploads for simplified product creation.


The Benefits

  • The single process to manage both print and pick ‘n’ pack jobs within printIQ.
  • Fully integrated with the inventory system for easy management
  • Comes with web widgets to add items directly to an SEO website