Case Studies

Learn how printIQ clients grow, scale and succeed

Corsham Print

Corsham Print Learn how printIQ has been a major part of this digital transformation to date Key Stats “Previously we only had one person quoting

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Cushing Testimonial

Cushing + Co Cushing Improves Communication and Workflows With printIQ Key Stats Simplified estimates anytime, anywhere Easy adoption of new processes by employees 16 weeks

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Courtney Brands Case Study

Courtney Brands Courtney Brands Seamlessly Moves to Digital With printIQ’s MIS Key Stats Higher increased response rates Reduction in the number of errors Seamless MIS

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CPCneutek Case Study

CPCneutek CPCneutek Partners with printIQ for a New MIS System Resulting in Productivity Savings Key Stats 81% increase in productivity for creating new jobs within

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Fuzed Case Study

Fuzed Fuzed Experiences Increased Workflow Efficiencies With printIQ Key Stats Increased workflow efficiency, keeping costs down Customized solutions built with Fuzed in mind Challenge Fuzed

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