About Us

printIQ is a privately-owned company that specializes in delivering an intelligent MIS solution directly to the core of your business, maximizing visibility and connectivity across the workflow while driving efficiencies and growing new revenue streams. We have been delivering IT based solutions to business for the past 20 years and have staff based in Australia, New Zealand, North America and the UK.

Why IQ?

Customers are looking for a point of difference, at IQ you will definitely find one:

  • We have people that know the various industries and segments in which we work, they understand the process, so we’re much more than just an IT company
  • We have our own in-house development team so if we don’t have it, we can build it
  • In our flagship print product, printIQ, we offer the most comprehensive print management system on the market today.
  • We’re changing the face of IT, we’re removing the jargon, we’re here to talk and we’ll adapt to fit our customers.
  • Our goal is to be the number one choice for MWS; we’ll achieve that one happy customer at a time.

The IQ Way

It is our belief that the quality of an IT based product is highlighted by its usability. At IQ we specialise in providing complete business solutions with a simple and jargon-free approach. We achieve this by having staff with both a business and technical background so that we have a realistic and logical approach to our solutions. Our functional approach means you don’t need to be technologically minded, you focus on what you are good at and we’ll do the same!


Our greatest strength is our ability to listen to what people are looking to achieve and then providing a solution that far exceeds their expectations. By utilising a true agile development method combined with a lean sales implementation we harness real change for our customers competitive advantage.


Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers through effective and continuous delivery of market-leading software. Our goal is to implement the most comprehensive workflow, on the market today, into your business and become your silent partner in print.

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