Extend the Capabilities of printIQ

Deliver a Seamless Experience

PrintIQ integrates with world-class partners to deliver true workflow automation, which will:

  • Reduce manual touchpoints
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce the chance of manual errors
  • Reduce turnaround times
  • Increase cash flow by reducing ship to bill cycle
  • Increase profitability

Enfocus Bundle

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With the Enfocus bundle in your workflow you will be able to automate pre-flight of artwork as it is submitted, automate the delivery of proofs to and from customers, and direct jobs and artwork to dedicated workflow queues. The key benefit of utilising these modules in conjunction with the IQconnect-Automate module is that the workflow is managed within printIQ i.e. all the reporting information is returned to printIQ from Switch thereby making printIQ the central command and repository for all job info.

*The specific modules that you’ll need to purchase from an Enfocus reseller are: PitStop Pro & Server, Switch Core Engine, Configurator Module, Metadata Module, Scripting Module, Switch Client Module, and Database Module

Impostrip Automation

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Impostrip Automation optimizes the prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use, yet extremely versatile. Perfect for very short turn-around delivery on marketing campaigns, transactional work and booklets. Extensive options for web imposition allow for the drawing of high optimization schemes and inserting of all marks needed for in‑line finishing. Its unique Dynamic hot folders allow the same folder to impose jobs of varying lengths, page sizes and formats, thus simplifying your set‑up.

*The specific module that you’ll need to purchase from an Impostrip reseller is: Impostrip OnDemand Automation


Infigo is a market-leading provider of web-to-print e-commerce solutions, which allows B2C and B2B businesses to expand their services online, improve workflow efficiency, explore new revenue opportunities and deliver a competitive advantage. Our solution can be configured to our customers’ exact requirements, including customised front-end and user workflows that help improve user experience and internal processes.


PageDNA is honored to be an integration partner with printIQ. Many have looked at or invested in a web-to-print solution but very few have a successful e-Commerce strategy. PageDNA is more than a digital storefront platform built for print; PageDNA enables successful eCommerce strategies for your print operation – ensuring an ROI and happy customers.

Link to PageDNA and printIQ documentation

HYBRID Software

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With offices in Belgium, Germany, Italy and the US plus a global partner network, HYBRID Software is a software development company focused on innovative productivity tools for the graphic arts industry. HYBRID Software’s CLOUDFLOW workflow, PACKZ editor and integration products offer a unique set of advantages that include native PDF workflows, vendor-independent solutions based on industry standards, scalable technology and low cost of ownership. These products are used by hundreds of customers worldwide in all areas of pre-press and print, including labels and packaging, folding cartons, corrugated, wide format and digital printing.

On Print Shop

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On Print Shop Blurb here

Tilia Labs Inc.


Founded in 2012 by the next generation of software developers, Tilia Labs is a Canadian-based software company developing Artificial Intelligence for estimating, planning, and imposition across the packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format printing markets. Their portfolio of easy-to-use products delivers a seamless interface between MIS and production by automating prepress tasks, maximizing material yield, and reducing equipment downtime. 

For more information visit


Vpress is a leading global Web2Print solution provider with over two decades of industry experience. Operating with a customer first approach they strive to help companies grow by developing user friendly software and creating production efficiencies. Customers can check their stock levels and print prices from either the Vpress Aspire B2B or your custom B2C application while updating the most complex templates that Web2Print can manage, before submitting the order into the PrintIQ MIS. Vpress also support ERP integration into any corporate environment providing a seamless link for your customers to order 24/7 all direct into your automated workflow to reduce production cost, driving print shop efficiencies at the highest level.

For more information visit: Global Web2Print Provider – Vpress


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XMPie® offers a powerful marketing platform for delivering 1:1 omnichannel communications across print and digital touchpoints that are personally relevant and creatively engaging:

  • A complete CCM Solution – Our technology seamlessly connects to databases to generate personalized multichannel campaigns perfectly synchronized across all channels and touchpoints.
  • End to End Adobe Workflow – With XMPie there is no compromise on creative design or workflow flexibility.
  • Open software architecture – Our open architecture and API’s enable the greatest flexibility for integration with other internal systems or 3rd party applications. Build on our platform to create any solution imaginable.
  • Scalable Product Line – Start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment all along the way.

Core products:

  • PersonalEffect StoreFlow: Best-in-class W2P solution for creating and managing online stores and marketing portals (with built-in VDP features).
  • PersonalEffect Print: All the tools necessary to create and maintain a large library of dynamic document templates and produce a high volume of variable data output.
  • PersonalEffect TransMedia: An all-in-one solution for creating and launching integrated, personalized campaigns across every channel.
  • Circle: Circle has matured to become the overarching component in the XMPie workflow, connecting every stage of campaign production. This includes planning, creation, deployment with automation and performance monitoring.

Quickbooks Online (QBO)

Quickbooks simplifies and automates many accounting tasks. From managing financial transactions, bookkeeping, and reporting, Quickbooks allows for data to flow automatically into your books. You can eliminate manual data entry and allow for efficient handling of transactions for credit card processing with a secure platform for online payments. The system automates the calculation, collection, and filing of taxes while staying compliant with regional tax regulations.

The integration between Quickbooks and printIQ allows for you to continue to maintain the accounting for your business in your current Quickbooks system. Contact and order details pass from print IQ to Quickbooks without manual intervention, allowing for your accounting team to continue working as-is.

For more information visit: Quickbooks Online


Avalara automates tax compliancy and improves accuracy for organizations of any size – small, midsize, and enterprise. Providing more accurate rates automates the return preparation and filing of taxes. The system also allows you to remit taxes to multiple jurisdictions with a single payment. Avalara collects, stores, and easily accesses exemption and compliance documents.

Being compliant with taxes is an important part of your business. Tax and additional accounting data can transfer from Avalara straight into your printIQ platform to ensure you’re staying compliant. Important tax data from printIQ can then be sent back to Avalara without any touchpoints to allow for easy collection and storage of data.

For more information visit: Avalara


xero-Logo - Blue

Xero is a cloud accounting platform across New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Automating many day-to-day accounting tasks, Xero keeps you up to date on the money side of your business and allows you to collaborate easily with other vendors.

Providing access to client records any time along with tools to manage your business gives you paperless record keeping. From reconciling bank transactions to sending invoices, Xero helps small businesses thrive worldwide. Custom reporting provides data and trend analysis to allow you to make better business decisions.

Xero integrates seamlessly with printIQ to pass accounting data like contact information, product details, and order history. There is no need to adjust the way your accounting team works now.

For more information visit: Xero