Third Party Software

Third Party Software

Third Party Software

printIQ is a suite of integrated modules that form the MWS. We have a range of integrated 3rd party software options that can be combined into the package at any stage to enhance the overall solution.

CHILI Publisher

CHILI Publisher provides functionalities such as: online document editing, document and asset management, user management, & data connectivity. At the core of the product lies the CHILI Editor, a flex-based online layout tool. CHILI Publisher allows users to work on a large variety of documents such as stationery supplies, flyers, posters, brochures, POS materials, magazines, product catalogues, etc.

*CHILI Publisher can be purchased directly from the IQ team



Enfocus Bundle

With the Enfocus bundle in your workflow you will be able to automate pre-flight of artwork as it is submitted, automate the delivery of proofs to and from customers, and direct jobs and artwork to dedicated workflow queues. The key benefit of utilising these modules in conjunction with the IQconnect-Automate module is that the workflow is managed within printIQ i.e. all the reporting information is returned to printIQ from Switch thereby making printIQ the central command and repository for all job info.

*The specific modules that you’ll need to purchase from an Enfocus reseller are: PitStop Pro & Server, Switch Core Engine, Configurator Module, Metadata Module, Scripting Module, Switch Client Module, and Database Module




Impostrip Automation

Impostrip Automation optimizes the prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use, yet extremely versatile. Perfect for very short turn-around delivery on marketing campaigns, transactional work and booklets. Extensive options for web imposition allow for the drawing of high optimization schemes and inserting of all marks needed for in‑line finishing. Its unique Dynamic hot folders allow the same folder to impose jobs of varying lengths, page sizes and formats, thus simplifying your set‑up.

*The specific module that you’ll need to purchase from an Impostrip reseller is: Impostrip OnDemand Automation



Imp is intelligent software built to simplify and automate the process of creating cost effective, print-ready layouts. With some key innovations and sophisticated algorithms, it can completely automate ganging and imposition of layout creation for books, die‑cut jobs on sheet‑fed as well as web‑fed presses. The software is capable of calculating the best print/die layouts for jobs of any size, quantity & colour thus making it an ideal tool. In a few seconds, you can graphically evaluate the best way to layout a job, while minimizing printing and finishing costs.

*The specific modules that you’ll need to purchase from an IMP Reseller are dependent on your segment and configuration.