Who are we?

Who are we?

Who are we?


IQ is a multinational group of companies employing 30 staff in 3 countries. We currently have product sales, support, and development staff in Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

In a time when print management software desperately needs to keep up with the changing market, very few providers have an active R&D programme in place, most are offshore and are simply working through a distributor. In contrast, IQ is focused on the future of print, in all its facets, and we back this up with our in-house development team that are not only accessible but are focused on delivering customizations to our core product.

In fact, we are increasingly one of the only companies that is in a position to deliver custom requirements to the printing industries. When you combine a comprehensive off the shelf MWS with custom software development skills, and print industry experts, our dedicated solutions can only deliver exceptional results.

Our People

The Directors

Adrian Fleming

Global Director of Sales

Anthony Lew


Mick Rowan

Director of Product Development & Marketing

The Team

Adam Hexter

Product Specialist – Service Delivery Team

Alex Jones


Andrew McGavin

System Architect – Development Team

Carl Wakeling

Development Manager

Chris Mort

Technical Build Specialist – Service Delivery Team

Cody Slater

Full Stack Developer – Development Team

Ivan Zvegintsev

Projects and Support Manager

Jamie Broughton

User Interface Specialist – Development Team

Jonathan Bowen

Product Specialist – Service Delivery Team

Judy Lawson

Accounts Administrator

Kelly Gray

ICT Customer Support Officer – Service Delivery Team

Linda Pollard


Mark Bladon


Marc O’Connor

Product Specialist – Service Delivery Team

Mark Hamilton

Technical Support Lead – Development Team

Mark Washington

Product Specialist – Service Delivery Team

Paul Napolitano

Product Specialist – Service Delivery Team

Rich Ramirez

Solutions Architect – Service Delivery Team

Sacha Leemann

Product Support Specialist – Service Delivery Team

Sean Jennings

Senior Application Developer – Development Team

Sophie Lawson

Marketing Assistant

Stephen Bliss

Database Administrator

Tim Harmon

Service Delivery Team Manager

Zeb Rawnsley

Full Stack Developer – Development Team