Cactus Graphics goes B2C with new MIS

Dover, UK

Cactus Graphics was placed in the spotlight this week in ‘PrintWeek’ magazine announcing the installation of their new printIQ MIS system which moves them into the B2C market. You can read the full article here: Cactus Graphics goes B2C with new MIS | Printweek

A few highlight comments from the article are: 

The new MIS has enabled Cactus Graphics to open its services directly to consumers via a Vpress online storefront; the new system will likewise streamline the ordering process for its existing B2B customers.

Cactus’ commercial director, Richard Archer, told Printweek that with the new system the firm would soon be able to take orders 24/7.

“The MIS is going to speed up the process; you won’t have individuals dealing with one panel or one post, we’ve got a conduit for someone to come in and order something without any human interaction.”