printIQ talks intelligent print in the USA


printIQ flew the ANZ flag at the Print17 trade fair in Chicago during September. Mick Rowan, Adrian Flemming and Rich Ramirez joined US staff to present the locally developed workflow software to a very receptive audience.

Under the slogan ‘Far more than just an MIS’, printIQ captured a lot of attention at the Chicago show. According to Mick Rowan, director & head of R&D, US printers lined up for one-on-one demos as soon as they learned about the product. Following his appearance on the Printerverse Panel the line quickly formed for more information.

“The reception at the show was staggering. We did over a hundred demos to potential customers with another thirty-five for those returning to see more. We were literally inundated,” said a very gratified Rowan.

“In fact, after appearing on one of Deborah Corn’s Printerverse Panels, I had five people waiting for me when I came off stage, all of who attended the booth for demos. A further six members of the audience booked in for a demos after the presentation.”

printIQ is determined to establish itself in the huge US market with its management workflow system (MWS) and innovative approach to print automation and integration.  Sales director, Linda Pollard, is working out of LA (readers will recall she worked closely with Rohan Holt on another successful Australian-developed product, Metrix), while Jack Lafler, pre-sales software engineer, covers the East Coast.

Now the follow-ups begin in the US as the local printIQ team come back home to again focus on its burgeoning market share in the Australian and New Zealand printing industry.

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