Join the webinar and ‘Connect’ with Infigo

Join the webinar and ‘connect’ with Infigo

On January 30th 2024 we will be joining web2print experts Infigo for for a unique webinar as they share their new ‘Connect’ product.

Connect: printIQ

Through the Connect: printIQ integration, GCPs can streamline the entire print workflow – from taking online orders, all the way through to production management.

Orders placed through Infigo’s web-to-print platform, which utilises powerful browser-based editing tools, seamlessly flow into printIQ’s cloud-based system, ensuring a smooth transition from customer interaction, to print job execution.

One of the main advantages of the integration is the elimination of manual data entry – this limits the potential for re-keying errors, that can cost your business money and slow down production.

Customer orders, design specifications, and other relevant details are automatically transferred from Infigo to printIQ, reducing manual touchpoints and making the workflow more efficient.

Use the link to find out more and register for this free event: Infigo launches plugin with MIS partners printIQ | Webinar

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