Join the Carbon conversation

Join the Carbon conversation on January 25th 2024

Carbon footprint is something we are all becoming very aware of but no very little about so what better way to start your new year than by listening to experts from three different companies explaining how significant it and easy it is to become aware of the footprint for the work you produce.

Knowing this figure is a unique USP when negotiating to win printing contracts and puts you head and shoulders above your competition.

In the constantly changing realm of the printing industry, embracing environmental management and addressing the carbon impact of your business has shifted from being an optional extra to an essential requirement.

In this webinar we explore the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses in the print industry encounter when it comes to navigating the carbon conversation.

Gain valuable insights, hear from experts in the field, and discover practical solutions that bridge the gap from intention to action.

Dominic Hurst: CarbonQuota

Steve lister: Sustainability consultant

Rob Thurston: printIQ

Will all be available to answer your questions at 3pm on 25th January and registration is free.

Use the link to learn more about the webinar and register: Mastering The Carbon Conversation (

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