A simple-to-use, cloud-based MIS solution was needed for their digital transformation


Trading since 1999, The Cutting Edge has become one of the leading packaging and point-of-sale companies in Australia. Specialising in custom packaging and displays, they pride themselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, trends, and practises. And in today’s day and age, The Cutting Edge knows how important it is to create consistently high-quality packaging and displays from one supplier.

The Challenge

When the pandemic hit, The Cutting Edge was faced with a huge challenge. Their outdated systems couldn’t handle the sudden digital transformation the industry required due to employees having to work from home in hybrid environments. As they continued to wait for their current MIS to release a cloud version, The Cutting Edge knew they had to proactively hunt for a cloud-based solution that could meet their evolving needs to ensure a perfect finish every time – even if their employees were working from home.

The Solution

Word of mouth brought them to printIQ. As luck would have it, The Cutting Edge was working with a company that used printIQ, who suggested that the proofing module and ease of use would make the transition to a new MIS considerably easier for them. After demos and conversations with the printIQ team, The Cutting Edge knew that the simple-to-use, cloud solution was what they were looking for.

Matthew Elliott, Managing Director, added, “After years of trialing separate cloud-based production board systems external to our existing MIS, we now finally have these combined in a collaborative print-focused system.

The build started in August of 2021, and after a few months, the new system was up and running.

The Business Impact

printIQ is a web-based Management Information System (MIS), easily accessed from an internet browser anywhere, anytime. Production staff can manage the factory while customers quote, order, and track all within the same application. From dedicated workflows to simplified proofing, and calculators that deal with duty, freight, transfer margins, and financing costs so pricing is managed in a single system. The Cutting Edge has quickly reaped the benefits of their move to their new MIS.

The easy-to-use cloud solution effectively allowed The Cutting Edge to deal with its current challenges due to the pandemic. “With labour shortages and varying uncertain working conditions, we needed a one-stop cloud solution to keep everyone on the same page and maintain productivity. printIQ’s ability to have a live view of production, art and document storage, customer and supplier portals, and the access from anywhere did just that,” said Elliott.

But they also quickly realised the benefits of printIQ’s quoting system. To be competitive in today’s market, companies must provide clients with quick and accurate quotes. “printIQ’s ability to request supplier pricing quickly and easily from within the quoting page has allowed our estimators to save time and money with a few clicks.”

The Cutting Edge increased productivity and efficiency, resulting in more than double their quoting speed without adding estimators to their team.

Because printIQ is far more than just an MIS, the cloud-based technology is custom-built to solve its client’s unique needs. For The Cutting Edge, they needed a solution that kept them at the top of the packaging game and could adapt to any challenges they would face now or in the future. And fortunately, the partnership between printIQ and The Cutting Edge did just that. Elliott stated, “printIQ is the most adaptive and print-centric tool on the market and was the only solution flexible to our needs. They have more than doubled our quoting speed, reduced our processing time, and brought our workflow up to speed. Finally, we have a solution that we can rely on now and in the future.”

The power of printIQ

“printIQ is the most adaptive print-centric tool in the market and was the only solution flexible to our needs.

Matthew Elliott, Managing Director

The Cutting Edge