Learn how a printIQ was the missing piece to the digital transformation 


Courtney Brands was founded over 40 years ago and has evolved into one of Melbourne’s preferred suppliers of premium communications. In the past ten years, the organization underwent a complete transformation with a shift from a traditional offset printing environment to a digital one. But, with this shift came many challenges, one being that their current MIS did not have the necessary capabilities to handle the number of small jobs they needed.

The Challenge

Courtney Brands, led by Director and Owner Aldo Burcheri, had a vision of where they wanted to take their business. Automation was a vital part of a seamless workflow that could handle smaller jobs. They quickly realized that in order to make this vision a reality, they would need to find an MIS that seamlessly implemented into their organization.

The Solution

Thanks to printIQ, Courtney Brands found an MIS that worked with their company. For more than four years, printIQ and Courtney Brands have worked together to automate and streamline their processes. Director and Owner Aldo Burcheri added, “from the beginning, we knew we had made the right choice.”
Not only did printIQ fulfill the vision for Courtney Brands, they exceeded it. The software does the work for you, provides the data to make strategic decisions, solves problems, and more. “They’re always happy to bend over backward to get the job done.”

The Business Impact

Since the implementation of printIQ, Courtney Brands has diversified in many areas, and printIQ has been able to facilitate each stage of growth, becoming an integral part of Courtney Brands’s business by automating and streamlining its processes. For instance, they have gained efficiencies by allowing account managers to quote, increasing the quote response rate without having to employ dedicated estimators.
“One of the benefits is that traditionally we had a model where we had an estimator and account managers. Account managers would put in their requests to estimators to do the quotes, but the simplified quoting in printIQ has allowed our account managers to manage their own quotes. What we see is a higher response rate,” said Aldo Burcheri.
Another benefit is that production scheduling has never been easier. The real-time data has allowed them to understand operations, reducing the number of production errors and allowing Courtney Brands to move to a paperless ticket environment. Additionally, the reporting module and data have driven better-calculated decision-making for their organization’s future growth.
Burcheri added, “none of this would be possible without a dedicated, innovative, and committed team, and that is what you get from IQ. printIQ has completely changed our business for the better, and our company couldn’t have gone so far in such a short time without printIQ.

The power of printIQ

“PrintIQ has completely changed our business for the better. Our company couldn’t have gone so far in such a short time without printIQ.”

Aldo Burcheri, Director & Owner

Courtney Brands