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Cloud-based print MIS, intelligently designed to support your future growth ambitions.


printIQ is a seamless, end-to-end estimating, ordering, eCommerce and production MIS that gives you incredible flexibility, control and visibility of your print business. The perfect partner for modern printers looking to grow, scale and succeed.

A single, easy to use application, printIQ is accessible from anywhere meaning you can be effective and attentive no matter where you’re working from or what device you’re using, leaving you to focus on taking care of your customers.


Manage production from any location, accessing realtime data via departmental dashboards and a plethora of custom reports.

• 24-7 access from anywhere on any device.
• The ability to quote a job, pay online and upload artwork
in a simple, easy-to-use interface.
• Direct access to place an order, pay online, upload the
artwork, and then check the order status as the job
progresses through the factory and on to shipping.
• Re-order previous jobs with a couple of clicks.
• Key analytics at your fingertips 24-7.
• Status updates as jobs pass through each department,
so staff only need to interact when required. There’s even
a traffic light system for visual simplicity.

power of Automation

Quoting, job submission, payment, prepress, proofing, production, finishing, delivery, and fulfillment can all be automated to keep pace with customer demand.

• Automation in print is all about simplifying the rules and implementing process discipline.

• Reduce costs by removing steps in a process that are repetitive or add little value.

• Enable seamless interaction from outside sources to bring large volumes of orders or processes into a system.

• Eliminating repetitive tasks and the manual re-keying of data will reduce errors and free your staff to work on

more profitable work. 

• Visibility across the entire workflow as statuses are automatically updated as the work moves effortlessly

from one stage to the next.

• The printIQ automation tools maximize the return on our customers’ investment in plant and equipment and make a quantifiable difference

to production efficiencies.

A great decision

“Partnering with printIQ has been a great decision for our business. We’ve been able to improve our customer experience, onboarding, and workflow with IQ as our platform. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

Joseph X Cushing, Managing Principal
Cushing & Company

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The power of printIQ

“Implementing printIQ is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. It has allowed us to centrally manage production, which has helped us streamline our workflow and improve our customer experience.”

Trent Ainsworth, VP and Owner
Beeline and Blue

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