The IQplus range offers four additions to the Core: including integrated proofing, pick ’n’ pack functionality, stock at a lot level, and live sign-off for driver-sent goods.

IQplus — Approve

Approve provides a logical and easy to use communication framework. Proofs are initiated from the production workflow and delivered to customers through our customer portal. This creates a centralised and structured flow for documents as they move through the proof lifecycle. Customers access proofs via a simple to use web interface. Communication is delivered through comprehensive email notifications, enabling the customer to simply accept or reject the artwork along with providing feedback to assist production staff. The proof sign-off process tracks an audit trail of events, removing any questionable actions and thereby avoiding disputes on approval/rejections.

The Benefits

  • Enables control of proof turnarounds by your customers. The management of proofs by your customer ensures they take responsibility.
  • Accepted proofs move into production instantly eliminating delays caused by miscommunication or staff hindrance through unavailability.
  • Risk free proofing, the proof sign-off process tracks an audit trail of events, removing any questionable actions and thereby avoiding disputes on approval/rejections.

IQplus — Store+

Store+ is the printIQ sales order module that allows you to offer a streamlined logistics operation from within your print company. Whether it’s an item that you have manufactured or a straight pick ‘n’ pack item, Store+ delivers a feature rich order process complete with a robust workflow to ensure efficient management of your warehouse. Store+ is powered by the Inventory Manager which drives the management of your warehouse. We then use the printIQ workflows to manage stock picks, dispatch and invoicing. Store+ also includes bulk item and image uploads for simplified product creation.

The Benefits

  • The single process to manage both print and pick ‘n’ pack jobs within printIQ.
  • Fully integrated with the inventory system for easy management
  • Comes with web widgets to add items directly to an SEO website

IQplus — LotTrack

Whether your labels inventory is large or small, a simple issue with the stock may eclipse normal operations and while
you divert time and resources to tracing a product, supplier relations, customer satisfaction, and brand perception may be
rapidly eroding in the background.

That’s where LotTrack, the new module from the printIQ team, comes in giving you the granular control and visibility you
need to confidently track and account for product movement with ease.

The Benefits
  • Granular control and visibility for product movement with ease.
  • Receiving stock and recording it at a lot-level.
  • Receive and record lot specific details against stocks on receipt in single or multiple lots

IQplus — Sign Off

Why wait when you can use SignOff?

If you’ve got customers that absolutely must know when their deliveries have reached their destination (and don’t we all!), then IQplus-SignOff is the module for you. It’s as simple as your driver using the printIQ smartphone app to scan a barcode on the delivery documents and then uploading confirmation photos directly back to printIQ. 

At the same time, the sign-off icon will turn green on the Dispatch Board in printIQ, indicating the delivery is complete. The Dispatch tab will also link directly to the time-stamped confirmation photos. 

We even offer customers direct access to the confirmation photos via their “Order” screen. Could it be any easier?

Instant delivery confirmation with SignOff

By utilising the printIQ smartphone app, the receiver can sign off an overall delivery or individual items, and the IQplus SignOff module will instantly confirm that your customer has received your driver-sent goods. 

The Benefits
  • Access via the printIQ smartphone app with barcode scanning.
  • Easy visibility of jobs requiring sign-off across the entire printIQ workflow.
  • Automatic generation of sign-off documents.
  • Instant confirmation of deliveries
  • Customer access for delivery status and document access