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Perhaps it’s time for a chat.

The world is moving ahead at breakneck speed, and sometimes it feels like you’re getting dragged along for the ride. Now, more than ever, you need someone to talk to about which way forward. 

At IQ we listen to our customers to understand the complexities they face, and then develop solutions to meet their needs. Our specialty is helping migrate customers to a system designed and built for their future growth.

Perhaps it’s time for a chat.

We’ve done this with each segment that we’ve entered and are now able to meet the needs of Designers, Digital, Fulfilment, Flexo & Label Printers, Mail Houses, Offset and Packaging Printers. Not to mention Signage, and Wide Format Printers.

By working with industry experts we’ve been able to deliver a product to suit the requirements of the print industry. We don’t put everyone in one box, quite the opposite in fact. At IQ, we develop our segments with the help of experts from each and every one of those segment.  The end result is a system build by the industry for the industry.

printIQ differs greatly from other systems on the market. The others offer management information only. With printIQ you get a Management Workflow System (MWS); far more than just an MIS. This isn’t just semantics, we know that companies need a solution that covers their entire business, not just a part of it. That’s why our solutions go far beyond IT. They support a vision and business strategy like a trusted partner. At IQ, we always look to offer our customers the perfect solution.

Far more than just an MIS

The printIQ Core is made up of 8 modules that create a seamless, end-to-end workflow. However, with printIQ you also get the option to add an array of extra modules to the Core to create your perfect workflow. This includes a range of third party options that fully integrate with printIQ, removing those integration headaches. Our range of integrated modules are designed to connect to an array of options, from file verification, to VDP, web applications, and even other printers.

To get you started here’s a brief description of the core along with (some) of the extra options that you can add to create the perfect workflow:

printIQ is a web based workflow system that integrates business rules and component inputs such as labour and materials, to provide real-time quoting to an estimator or online client. The data then maps the optimum process path through the factory whilst providing full production, scheduling, inventory, outsource, and dispatch data to the relevant workflow modules.

The printIQ core comprises 8 modules that allow you to run a business from end to end:

The Quote Intelligence module differs from traditional estimating software in that it understands the entire production process so it will map out all possible alternatives for the job to pass through the factory.

The Workflow Manager module is a dynamic tool that is used throughout the application to manage every aspect of your business. It is essentially a set of “to do” activities with assigned actions, alerts and updates that creates a transparent information network throughout the business. All information is centralised and accessible to all staff and offers seamless transition of work from one department to the next.

The Factory Manager module provides a logical and easy to use communication framework for your staff to take control of the production process. Ultimately this ensures your staff can manage the production process without reliance on any particular individual, instead using a centralised and structured flow for jobs as they move through the process lifecycle.

The Inventory Manager module is integrated seamlessly with the Quote Intelligence module to deliver a feature rich extension to the estimating and job management process. The module is fully integrated with the other core printIQ modules so that every job is inventory aware. With the Inventory Manager module, we make purchasing, invoicing, and reconciliation a seamless and simple process.

The Outsource Manager module provides full tendering functionality within printIQ, allowing users to obtain a range of prices for all outwork in a simple co-ordinated workflow. The module offers the ability to tender each operation within the job, to multiple suppliers. The suppliers can enter their prices directly into their own automatically generated printIQ supplier portal without any visibility of their competitors.

The Dispatch Manager comes complete with automated actions such as weight verification, multiple split delivery addresses, courier rate integration, and branded box labels, so your staff can easily perform the dispatch process saving both time and money. By creating the link between all the key aspects of the dispatch environment and automating within a common platform.

The Job Track Module identifies milestones as the job travels through the quoting, production, and dispatch lifecycle, allowing complete tracking throughout the entire length of the production cycle. This includes the tracking of the job itself and any of the underlying components, through to scheduling and delivery data. We wrap this up in a great looking interface that you can share with sales staff and customers.