Why choose printIQ?

In the type of fast-changing business environments, that we now operate in, people must adapt their strategies and innovate just to remain, let alone become successful. At IQ we specialise in transitioning you from your outdated MIS to a system designed and built for your future growth. Why not take a look outside the box?

printIQ – Far more than just an MIS.

Accessibility: Remote working - The new norm for businesses - everyone, even customers, can access printIQ.

The good old days of 9-5 simply don’t work for customers in today’s fast-paced world. They need 24-7 access from anywhere on any device. We’re talking about real-time business access from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The ability to quote a job, pay online and upload artwork in a simple, easy-to-use interface is essential for today’s savvy but often time-poor customers. But why stop there?

With printIQ, you get a dedicated, brandable web portal with fonts, company logos, and color schemes tailored to each customer. We’re talking about direct access to place an order, pay online, upload the artwork, and then check the order status as the job progresses through the factory and on to shipping.

There’s no need for a phone call when your customers have full online access to check and download previous quotes, invoices, and artwork. How about the ability to re-order previous jobs with a couple of clicks?

If you want to retain customers, then service is paramount, and what better service is there than offering your customers’ direct access to your company on their schedule rather than yours?

But access isn’t just for customers! You can also manage your shop floor from any location, accessing real-time shop floor data via departmental dashboards and a plethora of custom reports. You have key analytics at your fingertips 24-7 to make on the spot decisions and better maximize your equipment on the fly.

And while we’re at it, let’s remove the need for staff to chase up jobs. With printIQ, the status updates as the job pass through each department, so staff only need to interact when required. There’s even a traffic light system for visual simplicity.

If access is king, then printIQ will hand you the crown.

Automation: Reduce your reliance on staff - fewer touchpoints - increased efficiency.

Automation is hands down your operational gamechanger. The goal is to streamline cumbersome manual processes through every step of the workflow. Quoting, job submission, payment, prepress, proofing, production, finishing, delivery, and fulfillment can all be automated to keep pace with customer demand.

We know that delivering a great product is no longer enough. You need to be more efficient, automated, and able to deliver first time every time for your customers regardless of the size, complexity, or method of their print needs.

Cutting to the chase, automation in print is all about simplifying the rules and implementing process discipline. It’s code for getting your customers and business systems to do the work for you and allowing technology, make you money every step of the way.

There are many and varied reasons for automation.

Some businesses automate to reduce costs by removing steps in a process that are repetitive or add little value.

Others automate to enable seamless interaction from outside sources to bring large volumes of orders or processes into a system.

Others still automate to remove points of error entering a process caused by having different users doing things in different ways.

The value of automation is quantifiable through various measures. For instance, eliminating repetitive tasks and the manual re-keying of data will reduce errors and free your staff to work on more profitable work. There’s also visibility across the entire workflow as statuses are automatically updated as the work moves effortlessly from one stage to the next.

The printIQ automation tools maximize the return on our customers’ investment in plant and equipment and make a quantifiable difference to production efficiencies and, ultimately, the bottom line. Our functional approach means you don’t need to be technologically minded; you focus on what you are good at, and we’ll do the same!

Costing: Every dollar counts - Accurate and easy estimating that anyone can do!

As the pressure increases in the world of print, the challenge is to be light on your feet. Printers who understand their costs and respond to the market can reinvent their companies to respond to market demands.

In days of yore, printers could dictate their selling price based on what profit they wanted to make above their costs. The formula for selling price was simple:

Costs + Profit = Selling Price.

Then the market tightened, as it did with many industries. Now the selling price is dictated by the market, and the formula looks more like this:

Selling Price – Cost = Profit.

Today it is imperative to know your costs so that you can respond strategically to market shifts. You need to know which products and processes are profitable and should be promoted and which aren’t and should either be re-engineered or discontinued.

We all know printing companies that sell to the market rate and hope to make money at the end of the month. This strategy could work for a while, but you’ll constantly be chasing the market, and you can’t strategically plan future purchases with confidence.

With printIQ, you can accurately track your costs whilst retaining the flexibility to target market pricing. This is especially helpful in the Digital and Wide- Format space that many printers are entering but are unsure of the costing structure. They know the price that the competition is selling at, but not how to work out the cost of production.

With printIQ, you can apply multiple pricing methods to different segments of your business, giving you the flexibility to grow into new areas with market-driven pricing while building up your costing model over time.

IQ handles various costing methods such as Traditional Cost Plus Mark up, which uses the raw costs of manufacturing & materials and then adds a profit margin to the top to produce the selling price.

You can also add a mark up to cover plant overheads if these are not worked into the cost pricing. You can do this to individual components or across the board.

There are also several versions of Market-Driven Pricing which allow you to use the surrounding competitive market rates and apply them to a catalogue of the products. For example, it can come into play when you want to charge a specific click rate for your digital printing. You will still be able to track your costs to ensure that you are making a profit.

The world of print is rapidly changing. If you want your business to thrive and not just survive, you need to have your finger on the pulse. With printIQ, you have quantified information at your fingertips that allow you to make intelligent and strategic decisions—print intelligence that is quantified or, in other words, printIQ

Integration: Work with other industry leaders to be a best-in-class partner.

Your customers are right. Driven by cost, turnaround, and ease of ordering, their time-pressured requirements demand immediate results and intuitive print options at their fingertips.

Your business strives to deliver your customers’ needs without compromising your business objectives, retaining margin, reducing costs, and generating customer loyalty for your brand and products.

The goal is to provide a simple process and yet still allow for all possible variations. It generates a unique selling proposition, creating the loyalty you need. Your happy customer is “your” customer.

In a perfect world, you would only need what a single vendor offers to support your customers; This isn’t a perfect world!

You need the capacity to grow and as you do to maximize your initial investment and bring on new opportunities as your solution expands.

So how do you go about it? Traditionally MIS vendors have been rigid and inflexible – but that ‘old school’ mentality doesn’t cut it anymore. One-size-fits-all has been relegated once and for all.

Via our connect range of modules, we offer direct integration with an array of cloud-based accounting packages or integrated third-party applications such as Enfocus, Esko, HP, Hybrid, Infigo, Tilia Labs, XMPie and Zapier (to mention but a few). Or how about shipping integration with EasyPost, FedEx & UPS!

When applications talk to each other, your capabilities exponentially expand, providing the connectivity your customers now demand. We even expose many of the workflows in printIQ via our API’s, allowing you to produce your own custom printIQ integrations!

If there’s a piece of your puzzle that we haven’t mentioned, don’t fret – if you need something specific, we can develop it for you. We provide the reliability of an off the shelf product with the flexibility of custom-developed software.

Innovation: Staying nimble and being ready to pivot is a key to future success.

In the fast-changing business environments that we now operate in, people must adapt their strategies and innovate just to remain, let alone become successful.

Let’s be clear here; we’re talking about change. Innovation is all about change. It’s doing something in a different way than you did previously or trying something that you haven’t done before. However, it’s not about creating something new for the sake of it; it should solve a problem or improve a process.

Why don’t we try something new and make some improvements? That sounds simple. Well, here’s the snag: your brain overthinks, it’s analytical and calculating, which is excellent for decision-making that requires logic, but it can kill innovation.

Your brain is wired to keep you alive. It assumes that because you were alive yesterday, what you did previously is safe. Perpetuating past behaviours, from the brain’s reptilian perspective, is the safest way.

But don’t despair; you’re not locked into an evolutionary choice; there’s a reasonably simple way to avoid mistakes and make the right choice to innovate and invigorate your business.

Just ask a few simple questions:

Does the prospective vendor have seamless integration into third-party systems offering expanded capabilities?

Do they provide a modular infrastructure that expands as your business does?

Have they continued to innovate into new segments and integrated with new partners?

With printIQ, the answer is a resounding yes! We have people who know the industry and segments in which we work, and with an in-house development team, if something is missing, we can build or integrate with it!

It’s a simple fact that we can’t all survive in today’s business world. But by knowing how your brain is wired, you can choose to both survive and thrive.

A Final Word

By working with industry experts we’ve been able to deliver a product to suit the requirements of the print industry. We don’t put everyone in one box, quite the opposite in fact. At IQ, we develop our segments with the help of experts from each and every one of those segments. The end result is a system built by the industry for the industry.

printIQ differs greatly from other systems on the market. The others offer management information only. With printIQ you get a Management Workflow System (MWS); far more than just an MIS. This isn’t just semantics, we know that companies need a solution that covers their entire business, not just a part of it. That’s why our solutions go far beyond IT. They support a vision and business strategy like a trusted partner.

Willingness to change is a strength, even if it means plunging part of the company into total confusion for a while.


Why choose printIQ?