printIQ is a suite of integrated modules that form the management workflow system (MWS). Quoting is just the start, we have a range of modules that can be combined into the package at any stage to enhance the overall solution.


Proofs are initiated from the production workflow and delivered to customers through our customer portal. This creates a centralised and structured flow for documents as they move through the proof lifecycle.

Your customer accesses the proof via a simple to use web interface. Communication is delivered through comprehensive email notifications, enabling the customer to simply accept or reject the artwork along with providing feedback to assist production staff.

The Benefits

  • Enables control of proof turnarounds by your customers. The management of proofs by your customer ensures they take responsibility.
  • Accepted proofs move into production instantly eliminating delays caused by mis-communication or staff hindrance through unavailability.
  • Risk free proofing, the proof sign-off process tracks an audit trail of events, removing any questionable actions and thereby avoiding disputes on approval/rejections.