Are you effectively utilising your MIS platform and possible integrations? The printIQ team now offers system health checks. We work closely to ensure you are gaining visibility and efficiency for your business.

Since 2007, printIQ has been evolving with the focus on R&D being at the forefront of our business. Every year we have delivered at least three product releases, with each containing 100+ new features. This means the product you see in 2024 is vastly different to what you purchased ten, five or even just one year ago.

Today, printIQ is a comprehensive product with multiple ways of completing most functions. We have focused on efficient workflow, reducing manual touch points and adding value to a business. Our ethos for many years now is about delivering innovation, automation and integration.

Every time we work with a customer, we identify enormous potential and opportunities to improve the way that printIQ is being used day to day. We would love to help you figure out what you’re missing out on.

Check your health

The printIQ team now offers onsite or remote system health checks to guarantee you are effectively utilising your MIS platform and possible integrations. We work closely to ensure you are gaining maximum efficiency for your business. We review and identify things like:

  • How to utilise our new pricing engine functionality to improve the accuracy in estimating
  • Increasing the use of Simplified Quotes to open up estimating across your business
  • Improvements related to invoice processing and the way printIQ interacts with your accounting software
  • Process improvement in the use of printIQ within pre-press, customer service and the factory floor team
  • Additional reporting capabilities of printIQ that could improve decision-making

How does it work?

Our support team member sits alongside of you and your team to understand any painpoints you’ve been experiencing with your platform or your overall production workflow. By being on-site, we can review departmental workflows, identify best practices, and provide additional training on the spot.

We take a deep dive into your production floor to truly understand what you need in an end-to-end system. We want to share new developments and features that may automate key manual processes.

We don’t stop there! We spend time with key members of the team outside of production, like sales and operations, to truly understand the big picture of how the system is utilized and what processes come before and after to ensure a seamless approach.

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