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How about an app to run a job?

The printIQ Scanner app takes over from where traditional barcode scanners left off. By allowing you to use your phone or tablet, you’re no longer tied to a computer or needing expensive wireless equipment to do what should be a simple task.

The printIQ Scanner app works with barcoded job bags which allows you to start, pause and finish tasks at an operation level.  It also allows you to work in a far simpler way by simply scanning to start or finish the job in one easy step.

Key Features
  • Complete jobs with a single scan.
  • Use the start / pause / finish options to record time on a job operation.
  • Job statuses update in real time as you scan.
  • Receive instant feedback if you’ve scanned the wrong barcode.
  • Correct mistakes directly from within the app.
  • Look out for the app on both the App Store and the Google Play Store for both smartphones and tablets.