IQplus - LotTrack

In a time when print management software desperately needs to keep up with the ever-changing market very few providers have an active R&D program in place. In contrast, printIQ is focused on the future of print, and we back this up with a development team who are focused on delivering enhanced functionality to the core product.

Simplify the process with LotTrack

Whether your labels inventory is large or small, a simple issue with the stock may eclipse normal operations and while
you divert time and resources to tracing a product, supplier relations, customer satisfaction, and brand perception may be
rapidly eroding in the background.

That’s where LotTrack, the new module from the printIQ team, comes in giving you the granular control and visibility you
need to confidently track and account for product movement with ease.

Receive Lots the easy way

Receiving stock and recording it at a lot-level is so easy with LotTrack that anyone who can operate a barcode scanner
can receive product straight from the purchase order, reducing errors and optimizing internal resources.

LotTrack supports manual input into Individual fields (where required) in combination with barcode scanning, for barcode relevant fields, giving you flexibility rather than locking you into a single method.

We really have thought of everything – you can even receive and record lot specific details against stocks on receipt in
single or multiple lots.

Simple to Pick inventory

We have created a consistent visual workflow, so it’s easy to understand your label stock requirements at a glance.
LotTrack gives you the visibility you need with all of the information necessary to make ‘lot label’ generation a swift
and easy process.

Simple to Report at a Lot-level

We have fussed over the critical aspects of the LotTrack module so that in a compliance or recall event you can rapidly
track lots to deal with the anomaly – and get back to production fast.

With LotTrack this is possible because we have created highly readable real-time reports that link directly to your jobs
and inventory items. You can easily track all lot numbers associated with a job number.

Download our LotTrack Product Guide