Welcome to a Complete Print Revolution

The print playing field is ever changing. As a print supplier, you need to work hard to diminish the ever expanding divide between demand and supply. Your customers are insisting on quicker access, anytime, anywhere to obtain their print needs.

Print Revolution

Your customers are right. Driven by cost, turnaround and ease of ordering; their time pressured requirements demand immediate results and intuitive print options at their fingertips.

Your business strives to deliver your customers’ needs without compromising your business objectives; retaining margin, reducing costs and generating customer loyalty for your brand and products. To deliver, you need to be in more than “survival mode”. Delivering a great product is simply no longer enough. You must become more efficient, automated and able to deliver first time every time for your customers regardless of the size, complexity, or method of their print needs. The goal is to provide a process that is simple, and yet still allows for all possible variations. It generates a unique selling proposition, creating the loyalty you need. Your happy customer is “your” customer.

Forget the acronyms

  • The buzz at any trade show is automation & integration – of course it was – it makes perfect sense. But how do you go about it? Who can provide a solid end-to-end solution? Traditionally MIS vendors have been rigid and inflexible – but that ‘old school’ mentality doesn’t cut it anymore, one-size-fits-all should be relegated once and for all.
  • We take the best elements from the traditional MIS and ERP solutions and add the automation to make it hum. Start with real-time cloud-based online ordering, that quotes every possible method of production and then chooses the optimum path. The estimate data then provides full automated schedule times to the digital planning boards. Add full bespoke quoting with direct links to outsource suppliers via dedicated online portals. How about digital job bags with fully integrated live timing, or barcoded job bags with a smartphone scanning app? We even have factory mapping with touch points for full track and trace capability.
  • Did we mention the direct integration with an array of cloud-based accounting packages, or the integrated third applications such as: Chilli, Enfocus, Esko, Salesforce, Xerox, and Zapier (to mention but a few)? How about shipping integration with FedEx, TIG, Shipstore, & UPS?
  • If there’s a piece of your particular puzzle that we haven’t mentioned, don’t fret – if you need something specific then we can develop it for you. We provide the reliability of an off-the-shelf product with the flexibility of custom developed software.

Deliver for your business strengths

As a print manufacturer, you need to see results from your investment, to enhance the capital expenditure in your facilities and maximise your output. Streamlining your processes and creating automation excellence that returns immediate gains.

As a print reseller, you want to deliver a simple print module for your customers. A “plant and overhead free” print company, where you simply sell and deliver to your portfolio and become the perfect conduit to your print partner.

Gen-Y mentality is everywhere

Instant. Now. Immediate. We’re in a time where every moment counts. Good old Gen Xers woke up one day and decided that they could get in on the “instant mentality” action. Do you want to be the norm…dragging your feet and waiting for others to take the lead into unfamiliar territory? Then remember this; while you’re standing still, the competition is surging ahead. The speed of change is crucial, so when it’s pounding, not knocking, on your door, it’s all about how you react. Are you ready to step up and meet the challenge head on? If you work on making your customers fans of your company, the way forward is obvious.

Automation 101

Cutting to the chase, automation in print is all about simplifying the rules and implementing process discipline. Automation is code for getting your customers and business systems to do the work for you and allowing technology, your silent business partner, to make you money every step of the way.

Changing it up – How full is your glass?

Everyone knows that print is changing. It’s not hard to see how, with all the doom and gloom and daunting dilemmas facing the industry. Perhaps an alternative to getting caught up in the hype and the stress is to think like an entrepreneur rather than a printer.

Maybe the questions around raising finance for a new plant or press, investing in the latest factory floor equipment, or focusing on short vs. long runs, are all irrelevant. The simple and obvious solution is to automate, integrate, and innovate your business.

What it all means?

A successful future in print is all about transitioning the mind-set away from being focused solely on survival. The company of the future satisfies the escalating demands of the customer whilst delivering a return on investment. These are not new problems they’re simply new market demands, which present the savvy operator with a range of opportunities. Why not use the opportunity to your advantage and take control of your business today with printIQ?

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