Think outside the box.

How many businesses seemed immune to failure until they suddenly imploded and disappeared from the commercial landscape? Could it happen to you?
In the type of fast-changing business environments, that we now operate in, people must adapt their strategies and innovate just to remain, let alone become successful.
Let’s be clear here, we’re talking about change. Innovation is all about change. It’s doing something in a different way than you did previously, or trying something that you haven’t done before. However, it’s not about creating something new for the sake of it, it should solve a problem, or improve a process.
That sounds pretty simple, right? Why don’t we just try something new and make some improvements? Well here’s the snag: your brain thinks too much, it’s analytical and calculating, which is great for decision-making that requires logic, but it can kill innovation.

The reason is simple:

Your brain is wired to keep you alive. It makes the assumption that because you were alive yesterday, what you did previously is safe.

Perpetuating past behaviours, from the brain’s reptilian perspective, is the safest way.

The brain ensures the survival of the individual, and the gene pool, but it does limit our ability to try new things. The surest way to survive is to perpetuate the past, but for organisations, doing what you did in the past is the fastest road to extinction.

But don’t despair; you’re not locked in to an evolutionary choice, there’s a fairly simple way to avoid mistakes and make the right choice to innovate and invigorate your business.

Simple way to avoid mistakes:

First: Avoid the trap of letting what you know become your default answer, instead ask, “Who else has solved a problem like this?”
Second: Spend the time researching the available options, do your due diligence. Get demonstrations from various vendors, get access to demo software and run it through the paces.
Third: Get the perspective of a range of people from within the business. Find out the pain points and look for solutions.

It’s a simple fact that we can’t all survive in today’s business world. But by knowing how your brain is wired, you can choose to both survive and thrive.

Many successful companies fail to innovate and instead; succumb to inertia, hesitate, or stick blindly to their old strategies. Often these companies hang onto out-dated strategies right up until it is too late.

At IQ we specialise in transitioning you from your out-dated MIS to a system designed and built for your future growth. Why not take a look outside the box?