Join the Revolution 


Here at printIQ we are reshaping print management software to lead the industry into the future of print.  We pro-actively develop the printIQ product to continuously improve and stay ahead of what the industry needs to keep up with today’s changing market.


We are a growing global business with staff in North America, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Like any winning team, the printIQ team is made up of people playing key roles that support each other and the overall game plan.


These positions vary from product specialists to trainers to sales staff and IT professionals who sit in the development team.  We find that a mix of IT and print industry experience is the perfect recipe for a printIQ team member.


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Innovative Thinking

We’ve taken a new approach to an age-old problem: running a business. We don’t deliver what’s on the shelf we deliver what’s needed. We’re driven by delivering fresh thinking and innovation to help print businesses thrive.

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printIQ far more than an MIS trade show

The Right Attitude

We love what we do and making a positive impact on our clients. Everything we do is done enthusiastically, honestly and with integration.

Push the Limits

We think we are pretty lucky to work alongside people who inspire, challenge and motivate us to do the best work.

Benefits of working with us

  • When you work for the best, life is easier.
  • Excellent professional development opportunities. We love ambitious and motivated people, we back them and support them to work in a role that matches their goals.  It’s common sense and everyone wins.
  • Fantastic job opportunities and options to travel or re-locate to any of the global offices.
  • As we grow, we are committed to retaining the small business approach to looking after staff and our customers. Be the big fish in the small pond!
  • Work for a business that promotes and rewards success.