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Capacity Planning done properly.

When capacity planning is powered by printIQ, it’ll be no surprise that the end result is both innovative and a completely different take on anything done before.

The Capacity Planner module allows you to see at a glance how your factory is performing and to isolate possible roadblocks well ahead of time.

The goal is to deliver real time information to help you run your business at an optimal level and at the same time, allow you to manage by exception. Schedulers and planners finally have capacity planning done in a way that is easy to use, fast to load and best of all, done in real time.  It’s designed by schedulers for schedulers so it’s no surprise that they’ll like using it. Not only is it an effective way to schedule work, it’s also a great work-to list for production staff.  Job information is accessible from the planner which means that your job details are a single click away.

Key features

  • Factory view gives you a high-level view into overall utilisation of resources
  • Drill down into a week by week, that delivers planners a starting point for scheduling
  • The machine view allows you to drag and drop jobs into the right time-slot
  • Receive immediate feedback on scheduling conflicts to ensure you get it right first time
  • Check the schedule for a single job to see how it fits in with other work
  • Simple and efficient ways to plan work
  • Watch the production boards update real time as your planners’ schedule work
  • Job details are accessible from each time-slot
  • Schedule concurrent jobs side by side

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