The modern print shop is a business that needs to be able to grow and scale as needed, without slowing down or sacrificing quality. In order for your company’s growth potential to flourish, you need an MIS tailored specifically for the way your business operates.

printIQ has been built from the ground up with flexibility in mind. It will allow you to do more of what makes sense for YOUR operation without the need for workarounds- saving both time and money on your end.

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Why You'll Love printIQ

First-Class Customer Experience

printIQ streamlines and simplifies your customer’s experience with unlimited self-serve portals for estimating, ordering, paying, and tracking orders through a highly intuitive interface.

Built for Wide Format Production

printIQ offers dedicated pricing functionality to streamline roll-fed estimating and production. Streamline estimating with custom shape calculators, job perimeter-based pricing rules, strip-cutting functionality, sewing operations, and more.

Full Visibility Across the Organization

Clients achieve a paperless workflow with everyone working off real-time data. Online production boards give you the full visibility of the shop floor from anywhere you are 24/7/365.

See Why Others Love printIQ

“What really drew us to printIQ is that they look at the world slightly differently. They don’t necessarily think that the way it’s always been done is the correct way or should even be the ‘normal’ way. And that relates exactly to the way we operate. They welcome our input. Sometimes we make suggestions and they tell us that’s a good point and they’ll roll it out in their next release. That’s really beneficial to us – THEY ARE WORKING WITH US; THEY'RE FOR US.”
Matt Mills
General Manager at Fuzed