Matt Naughton


We chose printIQ for its wide-ranging functionality, the fact that it was cloud-based and a supplier that understands the market. We needed to know that this would be a well-planned implementation, and we were reassured by the structured and documented process that the IQ guys followed. In fact, every aspect of the plan was dated with clear deliverables.

With printIQ we have all the data at our fingertips, there is no need to be tied to the office. Our team have access to pertinent data wherever they are. And the support from printIQ has been fantastic, IQ have got a great team of guys, and when we need help they are onto it straight away.

As general manager, I have more information about the key indicators that impact profitability, and we can turn a job around more quickly than ever before. I started doing complex quotes without too much tuition because it is logical. These guys really get it, and I know we have not explored or discovered all the benefits yet. Honestly, I am really pleased with printIQ. There is no comparison to our previous MIS Systems – this really does what they said it would.