We’ve added simplicity to the complicated, to produce a mail‑house workflow that any business can deliver.

Our promise

To deliver a smart and logical approach to what is a very complex process. We’ve added specific support for this segment of the print market to give you everything you need to manage the most complicated campaigns. From a drag‑and‑drop based approach to constructing the mail pack, efficiently managing the design and data workflow, through to advanced production tools to plan, produce and audit your jobs, we’ve created an impressive toolkit to extend your existing business or to support your dedicated mail-house environment.

The How

By adding all the key elements to effectively manage campaigns and all the intricate workflows, we’ve transformed printIQ into the perfect management tool for the mail segment of the industry.

The Benefits

printIQ is a 100% web based Management Workflow System (Far more than just an MIS) so the web2print solution is built-in as opposed to a bolt-on solution. It means that everything has been developed with your customer’s access in mind.
  • Produce detailed estimates for the most complex campaigns – create multiple packs each with different print elements all within a standard quote
  • Full support for data processing and pre‑production workflows
  • Create recurring jobs to manage regular work
  • Manage jobs with fixed rates, contract pricing and time‑based operations
  • Create production splits to efficiently manage large jobs across different machines and operators