Solutions for Design

Solutions for Design

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Left brain creative meets right brain structure to deliver the perfect design studio management tool.

Our Promise

We deliver a dedicated design workflow to add structure and process to your creative team. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to efficiently manage your design studio from within printIQ as a standalone business or as a precursor to your production workflow. We’ve covered all the bases by producing detailed quotes, adding an easy way to capture and review time prior to invoicing and a proofing tool thrown in for good measure!

The How

The design functionality, catering for the specific needs of the design team, comes as part of printIQ core. By adding all the key elements of the design workflow to our quoting, time capture, proofing and invoicing processes, we’ve produced the perfect management tool to give you back the control in your business.

The Benefits

  • Seal the deal with detailed estimates that are accepted online by your customers
  • A simple way to capture time on each design element with an audit process to add a sanity check before you invoice
  • Manage your proofs with IQapprove to get instant approval and feedback from your customers
  • Send invoices directly from printIQ and automatically add to Xero
  • Take care of the design elements of the job and then use the printIQ Outsource Manager to send the job out to be printed.