Services (Full)

Services (Full)

Let’s talk workflow.

Getting the most out of the investment in your plant is the number one priority. You need to retain margin and reduce costs – it’s good business.



We can start with estimating, integrating your business rules to automate customer quotes online. With printIQ you can wave goodbye to an estimating backlog. Create pricing rules that are based on your labour and material costs and printIQ will estimate every possible production option in under five seconds. Allow all your staff to quote work and say goodbye to the delay of getting that quote back to your customer – or let your customers quote it themselves– it really is that easy with our automated estimating process.

You’ve got your quote so now let’s pay via the Payment Gateway, with real time, secure payments processed from within your business application. What about the artwork? In line with the latest standards and practices, printIQ uses browser based file management tools. This allows instant access for any user regardless of platform, meaning no software installation. And unlike traditional file transfer utilities and email, there are no frustrating security issues preventing the file exchange from taking place.

What about communicating through automated email notifications that enable customers to be updated on the fly – or allowing customers to log-in to track the job from end to end. The printIQ Workflow Manager provides a visual representation of all jobs and allows your staff to view, filter and access information prior to production. Every job has a digital job bag, created on the fly, containing all specifications, processing times, and even a thumbnail image of the job. The data on the Job bag is read from the accumulated estimate data and can be managed via touch screen entry, or smartphone app barcode scanning, adding live timing to job operations as they’re completed. This information provides accurate and detailed instructions direct to the production line.

With a focus on real-time data, jobs can be identified throughout the production path and key milestones can be monitored for overall tracking. The data is published live so that customers can track their jobs, via the web, and follow job progress all the way to delivery at their front door. No more middle man and manual checking, it’s all at the customer’s fingertips.

With printIQ, outsource becomes a seamless process, offering the ability to tender complete jobs, or even individual operations, to multiple suppliers for pricing. This powerful business tool not only provides efficient workflows, but can also drive sales as you work more closely with your business partners.

The printIQ inventory stores and manages all inventory items from paper and ink to tape and staples. With a concept of material, manufactured and miscellaneous goods, printIQ covers the range of business needs. From the creation of purchase orders to receipting of goods, printIQ can manage every aspect of the business transaction.

So where does that leave us?


Jobs can be quoted, and paid for, online in real time without delay. They can be easily tracked online, by customers, throughout the entire lifecycle of the job. Staff in various departments can update production status as the job progresses through their area of the factory, without the need to talk to anyone about it. The job bag exists in a digital space, so any information change is updated live – it won’t be outdated. The job’s status is updated via tablets, terminals, scanners, or smartphones, as it moves throughout the factory, and is instantly updated for job tracking. When production is completed the job will appear on the dispatch board ready for dispatch. If it hasn’t yet been invoiced it will also show on the Finance board for individual invoice, or to be combined with other invoices for the same customer. With the direct integration with an array cloud-based accounting systems, all invoices are simultaneously pushed into your chosen accounting package. Notification is automatically sent to the client upon dispatch and the delivery can be tracked online.