It’s a tough sell

Well the proposition just got easier! Check out the concept of an “out of the box” plant free print company that simply sells and manages the outsource process. We have an array of tools to make your business hum…

The biggest challenge in print today is getting a price quick enough to meet your customer’s needs. The key is instant online quoting. In today’s market that means truly instant – real-time quoting, from a web browser, an iPad, or even a smart phone. No more complicated pricing models. No cumbersome quoting processes controlled by an estimator. The printIQ Quote Intelligence module simplifies the process and removes the jargon. The result is a system that empowers anyone within your business to confidently provide a customer with a quote in an instant. Or what about letting your customers quote their own work? It really is that simple.

Success in print reselling is about the ability to manage your customer’s job throughout the entire process, from quote to delivery. You bring your extensive print knowledge and provide your experience as a service. We provide you with the right tools. Combining all three in a simple and easy manner enables you to take complete control for your customers.

Get hooked up with IQConnect

One of our latest offerings is the IQConnect – Remote module which connects you with other printIQ users. Not only does it offer you and your customers access to an endless number of new product offerings but it then automates the outsource process once a sale is made.

So where does that leave us?

The printIQ web portal is your gateway to quoting and ordering with built in payment processing via the Payment Gateway. The Workflow Manager provides a visual representation of all jobs allowing you to view, filter and access information prior to outsourcing. The Outsource Manager provides seamless integration of the outsource process including automated purchase orders, alerts, supplier portals, and work-in-progress reports. The IQconnect – Remote module allows you to integrate with other printIQ users and offer their products on your instance of printIQ. All of your jobs can be tracked via the outsource production board and key milestones can be monitored for overall tracking. Notification is automatically sent to the client upon dispatch and the delivery can be tracked through the delivery connote. Internally the job, when complete, will appear on the Finance board for individual invoice, or to be combined with other invoices for the same customer. With the direct integration with the cloud-based Xero Accounting all invoices are simultaneously pushed into your accounting package.

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