Thank you

The entire printIQ team would like to sincerely thank you for coming out to visit us at our Label Congress booth in Chicago. 
To show just how much we appreciate your visit we’d like to offer you a gift of appreciation

If you book a demo within 30 days of your visit that results in a sale, you can choose any two of the three modules listed below at no charge (a saving of over $10,000).

It’s our way of showing that we support our customers and the industry at large.


IQplus — Approve

A logical and easy to use communication framework

Approve provides a logical and easy to use communication framework in which Proofs are initiated from the production workflow and delivered to customers through our customer portal. Customers access proofs via a simple to use web interface.

The Benefits

  • Enables control of proof turnarounds by your customers. The management of proofs by your customer ensures they take responsibility.
  • Accepted proofs move into production instantly eliminating delays caused by miscommunication or staff hindrance through unavailability.
  • Risk free proofing, the proof sign-off process tracks an audit trail of events, removing any questionable actions and thereby avoiding disputes on approval/rejections.

IQplus — Sign Off

Why wait when you can use SignOff?

If you have customers that absolutely must know when their deliveries have reached their destination (and don’t we all!),  then IQplus-SignOff is the module for you.

The Benefits

  • Access via the printIQ smartphone app with barcode scanning.
  • Easy visibility of jobs requiring sign-off across the entire printIQ workflow.
  • Automatic generation of sign-off documents.
  • Instant confirmation of deliveries
  • Customer access for delivery status and document access

IQfurther — Data Capture

Start, pause and finish job tasks via an app

With the Data Capture module in play, users can start, pause, and complete job operations via the printIQ smartphone app or a scanner, recording time against each operation and updating the Job status in real-time.

The Benefits

  • Users can manage their time directly from a smartphone
  • Automatically updates production board status
  • Advanced packing options to cover complex deliveries

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