Dscoop Edge Orlando March 2019 Americas Conference

23 Apr 2019

Another Dscoop has come and gone and what an event it was for printIQ. A steady stream of people made the pilgrimage looking for ways to innovate and invigorate their businesses. It’s always refreshing to see people looking to expand their knowledge and take their business to another level. After all, in the type of fast-changing business environments, that we now operate in, people must adapt their strategies and innovate just to remain, let alone become successful. Unfortunately many successful companies fail to innovate and instead; succumb to inertia, hesitate, or stick blindly to their old strategies. Often these companies hang on to their outdated methods right up until it is too late.

We had a constant stream of people coming to the stand for demos and their level of understanding was exceptionally high. They asked the right questions about how to improve their business processes and production workflows. Analytics was once again a hot topic, as was automation.

Our guests came from all points of the globe, but all shared the passion to improve their business offering and the way they went about it.

When using printlQ you have versatility in both quoting and production 

– Mick (Miyo) Rowan

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